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Trade Reporting Executive Dashboard Added to Castine’s Asset Manager Toolkit and C3 Broker Platform –

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Castine has added an Executive Dashboard to its Reporter product. It allows managers, traders, research budget teams, and others to design their own tile-based dashboards for quick summaries of key data.

A director of a top global asset manager describes Reporter and its Dashboard as “simply extraordinary,” adding “they provide autonomy to our teams, enabling them to independently address their reporting needs instead of waiting for programmers.”

Castine’s Reporter kiosk is a powerful drag-and-drop reporting tool for managers and non-technical users to build and distribute their own reports without the need for IT involvement, pivot tables, or complex BI tools.

“Direct savings in time and effort are very significant,” said Tom Smith, Castine’s EVP. “When multiplied by the productivity gains and the ability to create actionable insight, it’s an absolute game-changer.”

The kiosk simplifies report writing allowing business users to experiment with different reports and analyses without worrying that each iteration requires expensive technical or business analyst support.

Reports can be added to one’s list of favorites, shared with others, or just written, run, and then deleted. Simple.


Executive Dashboard lets managers and executives see:

  • Trade summaries and drilldowns
  • Counter-party comparisons
  • Payment and expense summaries and drilldowns
  • Year-over-year account and product comparisons

The Reporter and Dashboard were purpose-built for asset managers, hedge funds, and brokers (who can report on trader and client profitability by comparing client expenses and trade fees to revenue).

Completely self-explanatory, curated to the information a manager needs, and devoid of buzzwords and features not needed within the industry, Reporter and its new Executive Dashboard is the perfect tool for reporting.

Each “tile” on the dashboard can show different information, and each user can have their own dashboard to fit their unique needs.

  • Summary reports
  • Top 10/bottom 10 in any category
  • Graphics showing team and firm profitability
  • Drill-down to trade, research payment, or expense information
  • Cable news shows or internal video feeds
  • Trend analysis reports

About Castine

Castine Consulting LLC, (formerly Cogent Consulting), provides cloud-based commission management, RPA, compensation, with performance reporting, and compliance systems to the financial services community. Castine operates in the USA and Europe.