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Transitioning to Smart Manufacturing: Download Infiniti’s Latest Resource for Insights on How to Successfully Changeover to Smart Manufacturing

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Infiniti, a leading market intelligence solutions provider, has announced the launch of their latest article on how to successfully navigate through the transition to smart manufacturing. Several initiatives and efforts are in full swing to fundamentally transform the manufacturing sector and associated processes. However, a fully-connected manufacturing business where machines, devices, and people work seamlessly, sharing and acting on information in real-time is vital for manufacturers to pull off a successful changeover to smart manufacturing.

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For over 15 years, Infiniti’s solutions have helped numerous companies stay on top of their game by offering solutions to improve their capabilities to adapt to the changing market trends. This article provides comprehensive insights into how manufacturers can successfully navigate through the transition to smart manufacturing.

Our research shows that less than 15% of manufacturing companies around the globe have successfully implemented a strategy to apply Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to their production processes. This article, which is now available for free download, will help you understand the benefits of smart manufacturing and also provides insights on how to successfully implement it.

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Benefits of smart manufacturing and how to successfully implement it

Improve quality and productivity

Quality management and continuous improvement techniques can only provide limited outcomes when the information relied upon are limited and not available in real-time. Manufacturers are leveraging embedded equipment intelligence to monitor most product specifications in real-time, either from a customer or regulatory perspective. Apart from this, they’re also using this intelligence to address product defects and variations, verify whether quality goals are met, and improve customer satisfaction. Embedded intelligence, when used to improve control and transparency of manufacturing processes creates new opportunities to improve productivity.

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Enhance decision-making process

Companies in the manufacturing industry must consider upgrading their existing technologies in order to attain enhanced productivity. This involves reconciling dissimilar data sources with the current IT systems, extracting the data from smart manufacturing technologies, and then converting that data into actionable insights. Manufacturers that have adhered to these steps will be able to optimize their assets, improve their responsiveness to changing customer demands, refine workflows, and reduce inventory holding.

Safeguard against threats

Availability of larger data sets and more connection points can introduce greater risk to manufacturing companies in the forms of internal and external threats. Cyber attackers are looking beyond corporate servers to target operations technologies. Furthermore decades-old devices and controls of companies in the manufacturing sector can be more susceptible to breaches through both malicious attacks and unintentional employee actions. No single security technology or methodology will be enough in this complex threat landscape. Instead, manufacturers must use a comprehensive approach that establishes security safeguards at different layers to stop threats on multiple fronts.

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