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Translational Medicine Accelerator and Cyclica Partner to Form Rare Diseases Medicine Accelerator to Advance the Discovery of Novel Therapies for Rare Diseases

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The Translational Medicine Accelerator (TMA) and Cyclica are proud to announce the formation of the Rare Diseases Medicine Accelerator (RDMA), a joint venture that will be focused on accelerating the discovery of novel patient-driven therapies for rare and ultra rare diseases.

Up to 10% of the world’s population suffers from one or more of the 10,000 estimated rare diseases defined by the Monarch Disease Ontology, resulting in chronic, progressive, and terminal medical conditions that are often misdiagnosed or clinically mismanaged. As a result of diverse and complex biology that spans the rare disease category, lack of patient access in the developing world, and the traditional cost burdens associated with developing focused therapeutics, more than 95% of these rare diseases have no FDA-approved treatment option. The result is a substantial population of patients suffering from significant unmet needs.

The RDMA will challenge this status quo by combining the expertise of both companies, utilizing Cyclica’s powerful, disease agnostic, AI-augmented drug discovery platform to advance opportunities identified from patient and clinical endpoint data within TMA’s precision healthcare platform. The RDMA will support the development of novel therapeutics addressing rare and ultra-rare diseases through the creation of early-stage biotechnology companies that have demonstrable patient value. Initially, the RDMA will focus on patient populations in regions that include Latin America as well as East and Sub Saharan Africa.

Joshua Resnikoff, CEO of TMA, had this to say, “TMA has always been focused on making a difference for patients. Working with Cyclica’s extraordinary team and their best-in-class AI-augmented platform, we can create an efficient and systematic approach for developing more effective medicines for individuals, furthering the deployment of precision healthcare at scale. This effort represents a huge win for patients everywhere, and we are thrilled to be working with Cyclica to create truly meaningful impact at this level.”

“Our goal at Cyclica from day one has been to partner with world leaders to accelerate the discovery of new medicines for patients suffering from a myriad of diseases irrespective of the size of the patient population. By partnering with the world-class team at TMA, we will advance the discovery of medicines for those patients who are suffering from the most understudied and neglected diseases,” said Naheed Kurji, President and CEO of Cyclica.

About Translational Medicine Accelerator (TMAccelerator Company, LLC)

TMA is a Boston, MA based precision healthcare technology and services platform company, driven by the vision of making personalized healthcare accessible to everyone. Incorporating proprietary AI-powered clinical support with partnerships in pharmacogenomics and individualized therapeutic design, we offer Precision Healthcare as a Service (PHaaS) to healthcare systems around the world seeking to treat patients suffering from difficult to diagnose, recalcitrant, rare, and ultra-rare disease states. Our unique approach provides turn-key solutions for clinicians, significant value creation for health insurers, and treatments that advance every individual’s well-being.

About Cyclica (Cyclica, Inc.)

Cyclica is a Toronto, Canada based biotechnology company that is decentralizing the discovery of new medicines with its integrated structure-based and AI-augmented drug discovery platform, Ligand Design and Ligand Express. Taken together Ligand Design and Ligand Express design advanced lead-like molecules that minimize unwanted off-target effects, while providing a holistic understanding of a molecule’s activity through integrated systems biology and structural pharmacogenomics. Cyclica’s differentiated platform opens new opportunities for drug discovery, including multi-targeted and multi-objective drug design, lead optimization, ADMET-property prediction, target deconvolution, and drug repurposing for a wide range of indications. With a world-class team with deep roots in industry and a first-in-class integrated drug discovery platform, Cyclica will spark a surge of innovation through a combination of venture creation and partnerships with early-stage and emerging biotech companies. By doing more with AI, Cyclica will revolutionize a system troubled with attrition and costly failures, accelerate the drug discovery process, and develop medicines with greater precision.

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