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TransPerfect Achieves ISO 18587 Certification for AI-Enabled Translation Services

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TransPerfect, the world’s largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business, today announced it has achieved full certification to the ISO 18587 standard. This standard provides universal requirements to ensure the quality of translation produced using artificial intelligence (AI) tools, including machine translation (MT) and neural machine translation (NMT).

Requirements of ISO 18587 include standards related to post-processing quality control of raw MT output, and it also outlines mandatory competencies of review and quality control personnel to ensure that risk associated with AI-generated content is adequately managed.

TransPerfect offers AI-enabled translation services and has developed custom engines, trained through collecting and processing large volumes of high-quality content generated over many years of development and tuning. By strategically using these tools on appropriate source content, costs and turnaround times associated with language translation can be cut dramatically while still maintaining high standards of linguistic quality.

The company’s certification to ISO 18587 underscores its commitment to guaranteeing best practices are employed at all times with respect to AI-enabled translation, and that content is thoroughly vetted by qualified resources to ensure high-quality output that improves over time.

TransPerfect President and CEO Phil Shawe stated, “AI-enabled translation solutions are powerful tools when used properly, and ISO 18587 plays a vital role in ensuring that best practices are employed. TransPerfect is proud to certify to this important standard.”

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TransPerfect is the world’s largest provider of language and technology solutions for global business. From offices in over 90 cities on six continents, TransPerfect offers a full range of services in 170+ languages to clients worldwide. More than 5,000 global organizations employ TransPerfect’s GlobalLink® Product Suite to simplify management of multilingual content. With an unparalleled commitment to quality and client service, TransPerfect is fully ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified. TransPerfect has global headquarters in New York, with regional headquarters in London and Hong Kong. For more information, please visit our website at