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TransPerfect Life Sciences Simplifies CRA Site Visits with myTI 1.2 Mobile Trial Interactive App

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Life Sciences
, a leading provider of services and technologies to
support global product development for the life sciences industry, has
released version 1.2 of myTI,
the mobile application that enables real-time eTMF management and
oversight for study teams on the go. This new release of the mobile
version of the Trial
e-clinical platform simplifies CRA site visits,
providing even more ways to speed timelines and reduce risk.

Simplifying site visits and mobile reconciliation is a key aim of myTI
1.2. The app allows CRAs to perform and record required site visit tasks
directly from a mobile device and features enhanced TMF review and
documentation capabilities, eliminating paper documentation and
time-consuming manual review.

CRAs who use myTI 1.2 will benefit from enhancements that include:

  • Reconciliation Tasks – Complete reconciliation more quickly with
    instant access to site files
  • Site Visit Reporting – Improve oversight and overall TMF management
    with live reporting
  • Documentation Access – Remove barriers for CRA handovers,
    co-monitoring, and training by accessing documents submitted by any
  • Query Visibility and Action – Promote proactive TMF management with a
    complete query view that makes it easy to review and respond to
    queries. Additionally, email notifications link directly to tasks in
    myTI to encourage immediate action
  • E-Signature Document Approval – Speed document approval with the
    convenience of e-signature
  • Rejected Documents View – Improve TMF completeness with a real-time
    rejected documents view
  • Enhanced Support – Access support resources at any time with an online
    help manual and in-app contact capabilities for live Trial Interactive
  • SSO – Eliminate password and login headaches with single sign-on
    access to myTI

TransPerfect President and CEO Phil Shawe stated, “Any technology that
simplifies essential site visit tasks is a significant advancement for
those performing global clinical trials. I’d like to thank our CRA and
clinical stakeholder consultants, who were instrumental in shaping this
version of our Trial Interactive mobile application.”

About Trial Interactive

TransPerfect’s Trial Interactive solution provides a collaborative,
web-based platform for clinical development that enables sponsors, CROs,
IRBs, and other vendors to maintain and update clinical trial
documentation in a secure online environment, adhering to global
regulatory requirements. With fully searchable solutions, including
investigator portals, Trial Interactive streamlines study timelines and
reduces the administrative burdens of global clinical trials. As part of
TransPerfect’s Life Sciences division, Trial Interactive is dedicated to
working with clients on a global, collaborative level, supporting a wide
range of requirements, including e-feasibility, study start-up, eTMF
review/reconciliation, mobile applications, learning management and
document management systems, investigator portals, pharmacovigilance and
safety management, and endpoint adjudication. For more information on
Trial Interactive, please contact
or +1 212.400.8848, or visit

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