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Treble Announces Portfolio, a PR Program to Generate Alpha for Venture Capital Funds

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Treble, a boutique PR agency accelerating the path to exit for startups, today announced the launch of Portfolio. An exclusive membership program that ensures funding launches across venture capital funds are maximized to generate portfolio alpha, Portfolio arms VC firms with a dedicated strategic PR partner across an entire fund.

Portfolio joins Treble’s exclusive suite of offerings, including the five-week VC Portfolio Funding Launch Accelerator Program and Elevate, a 10-week PR program to establish brand visibility. Treble has been a strategic partner to 14 portfolio companies that have exited since 2013, with acquiring companies including Google (Joyride), Cision (TrendKite), and VMware (Boxer).

Instantly Solves the PR Problem for Venture Capital Funds

“Portfolio allows Treble to become an integrated partner to venture capital firms, from capital raised to capital deployed,” said Ethan Parker, founder and CEO at Treble. “Rather than scrambling ahead of a Form D filing to find a PR partner to execute a funding launch for a portfolio company, membership in the Portfolio program instantly solves PR challenges across an entire fund.”

Treble will initially offer the program at two membership levels: Alto, which consists of up to eight PR launches, or Bass, up to four PR launches over a one-year period. The launches are focused exclusively on portfolio company funding launches or the launch of a new venture fund.

Treble has added value across the spectrum for firms such as Mercury Fund, 4490 Ventures, OpenView, S3 Ventures, Signal Peak Ventures, Next Coast Ventures, Silverton Partners and Dundee Venture Capital.

“After launching over 50 portfolio funding announcements, a PR membership program to generate portfolio alpha around funding launches is a way to provide definitive return on investment for venture capital firms. We arm portfolio companies with a clear narrative and set them up for an accelerated path to exit,” said Parker.

VC Comments on Treble’s Programs and Services

“For our portfolio companies, funding announcements represent a significant opportunity to showcase the value of the brand and what makes that particular company unique,” said Eric Engineer, venture partner at S3 Ventures. “Treble has been extremely successful in elevating our past investments, and we look forward to the prospect of partnering again in the future.”

“We’ve worked with Treble since 2013 with portfolio companies across multiple funds,” said Silverton Partners Managing Partner Morgan Flager. “The funding press coverage secured has been instrumental in our early-stage portfolio companies getting out of the gate quickly to emerge as market leaders.”

“The deep contacts with media in our industry that Treble brought to the table have been invaluable,” says 4490 Ventures Managing Partner Dan Malven. “They allowed us to raise our profile right away, and we’ve seen the value of taking a strategic approach to empowering brand visibility for our portfolio companies.”

“Treble’s efficiency and expertise has been leveraged across a number of our portfolio companies,” said Next Coast Ventures Co-Founder and Managing Director Mike Smerklo. “We will continue to evaluate opportunities to maximize funding launches with Treble as we deploy capital.”

“Over the past several years, Treble has successfully elevated a wide spectrum of our portfolio companies across diverse investment themes,” said Managing Director Blair Garrou of Mercury Fund. “The consistent ability to deliver results is a reason we continue to look for opportunities to align Treble with our new and existing portfolio investments.”

“Our firm recognizes it takes a strong network to help achieve outperformance across an entire fund,” said Managing Partner Jon Bassett of NextGen Venture Partners. “We’ve partnered with Treble on prior funding news campaigns and have seen the value of PR to elevate investments on to the global stage.”

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About Treble

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