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Treliant Continues to Expand Focus on Privacy and Data Ethics, Naming Jason Sarfati as Director

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Jason Sarfati has joined Treliant as a Director in its expanding Privacy and Data Ethics service area. Jason is an experienced attorney and consultant who specializes in addressing the privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity challenges faced by large multinational organizations. He will advise our clients on how to comply with international, federal, and state privacy laws that govern the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information.

“With data privacy and ethics rising on today’s business agenda—at the board, operational, and compliance levels—Treliant continues to attract new talent to solve our client’s pressing needs,” said Treliant Chief Executive Officer B. Scott Fisher. “Jason has a strong track record in helping companies implement global privacy models, negotiate the needed technology agreements, and defend their data practices in regulatory investigations.”

“I’m a firm believer that businesses should view data privacy and cybersecurity as an opportunity, not as a cost-related headache,” said Jason. “By establishing internal controls that ensure the rapid and secure transfer of information, businesses can maximize the value of their data without running afoul of consumers’ and regulators’ growing expectations of privacy.”

Prior to joining Treliant, Jason worked as Privacy Associate and Counsel for a Washington-based consulting firm, as well as performing similar roles in two metropolitan area law firms.

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