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TrialSite News® Partners With Medical Center of the Americas Foundation to Bring Clinical Trials to the Region

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TrialSite News LLC (TrialSite), an online news and information platform dedicated to clinical research transparency and accessibility and the advancement of biomedical research, announces a partnership with the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation (MCA) in El Paso, Texas. Headquartered on its modern biomedical campus in the heart of El Paso, Texas, the MCA is supported by TrialSite to build a wide-ranging life sciences hub in a bid to transform the economy of the Paso del Norte Region.

Founded in late 2018, TrialSite has rapidly emerged as a globally-recognized independent and unbiased news and information platform supporting research sites, sponsors, and healthcare providers with timely information on a daily basis. TrialSite’s principals, including Daniel O’Connor, have extensive experience and expertise in developing technology and innovative solutions in support of robust clinical trial programs. Mr. O’Connor noted on this important partnership, “it’s been a real pleasure to collaborate with the MCA team to help contribute to their clinical research programs.” O’Connor continued, “If the MCA keeps up at this pace, El Paso will emerge as a major hub for diversification in clinical research, specifically engaging the Hispanic community.”

MCA launched the Clinical Trials Consortium on June 28, 2018, to cultivate, expand, and accelerate the region’s infrastructure and competitiveness in research and innovation. Through these efforts, the MCA Foundation has grown the region’s clinical research community, increased access to cutting-edge medicine, engaged local physicians in research, and provided high-quality job opportunities.

TrialSite entered into an alliance with MCA in 2020, offering its digital media platform, broad international media outreach capabilities, and research expertise. Going forward, TrialSite aims to help MCA promote its value propositions to the global pharmaceutical industry and also to impart trial-site best practices and knowledge associated with clinical trial excellence, from training programs to initiatives to improve study participation. The TrialSite and MCA collaboration has led to a productive 2020, and 2021 looks even more promising as MCA prepares to work with major pharmaceutical companies to leverage economic, cultural, and healthcare infrastructure to emerge as a major hub for clinical research targeting the Hispanic population in both the United States and Mexico.

About the Medical Center of the Americas Foundation

The Medical Center of the Americas Foundation is developing a growing hub of innovation for the Paso del Norte region’s health care and biomedical industries. The MCA’s reach and partnerships extend across cities, states, and international borders. Among other things, the MCA exists to ensure that the health care needs of the Paso del Norte region are met by facilitating the growth of an entire “life sciences ecosystem”—from delivering health care education and training for the region’s workforce to commercializing biomedical research and innovations.

About TrialSite News LLC

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