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Tribit Will Launch Its First ANC Headphones at CES 2020, With More New Portable Audio Products

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Tribit Audio Limited (Tribit), an innovative wireless audio brand, has announced that it will bring its first ANC headphones QuietPlus and other new audio products to attend CES 2020.

Time and Venue

Tribit continually surprises the market of audio equipment with affordable price and excellent quality. By January 2020, Tribit will attend CES for the third time. This time it will exhibit the Tribit audio products on Booth No. 36229 in LVCC – South Hall 4 on Jan. 7-10. The live visitors will have chances to try the Tribit products, and two luckiest ones will be randomly chosen to get the samples for free, in thanks for their support.

The Vast Range of Products

This time, as always, Tribit will present the true and balanced sound with the most reasonable price. All the Tribit products are portable and wireless, guaranteeing the customers the full freedom of movement. Tribit is trying to meet the requirements of all clients by presenting the mini speakers as well as outdoor speakers with enhanced sound performance, in-ear and over-ear headphones, so everyone can choose one made precisely for him or her.

High fidelity and Quiet Headphones

In 2019, Tribit has been working hard to enrich its products with new offerings and it undoubtedly succeeded. On CES 2020 Tribit will present its products of Year 2019, Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones named QuietPlus. The name is well deserved since these over-ear headphones can significantly reduce the surrounding noise, thanks to the new Exclusive Hybrid Noise-Cancellation Technology. Using dual surface microphones, feed-forward and feed-back, it counteracts the noise. It promises the audiophiles that they can enjoy the music in peace, and the high fidelity sound of QuietPlus definitely makes it worthy of the promise. With a weight of 505g, up to 30 hours of battery life, and soft, comfortable ear cups, Tribit QuietPlus brings the pure pleasure of wearing.

More Good News

Another product which Tribit presented in 2019 is FlyBuds, the in-ear Bluetooth headphones, which are IPX5 waterproof and delightfully comfy. Due to their ability to stay put even during active movements, FlyBuds is the particular favorite of sport and wellness fans. In the year 2020, Tribit will introduce Stormbox Micro, a wireless speaker even smaller than Tribit bestseller XSound Go, and XFreeGo, the new Bluetooth headphones. Tribit is developing the new color line as well, so the customers will witness the products in the splendor of their new beauty in 2020.

About Tribit

Founded by a collective of sound engineers and design maestros, Tribit has become one of the fastest-growing brands in North America. As a Wireless Audio brand, Tribit hits the highs on both smashing sound quality and stunning looks. For more information, visit