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Tricentis Radically Simplifies RPA Pricing

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In a market where pricing is commonly described as “mystical” and “nonsensical,” Tricentis announced transparent and business-friendly pricing for their RPA solution. Under Tricentis’ consumption-based pricing model, organizations pay only for the on-demand capacity that they need. They’re not penalized for creating more bots—and they can instantly scale as demand grows.

HFS Research recently reported that, “The most fundamental and granular unit for RPA is bot time (execution time taken by software) and a potential solution the current RPA pricing mess could be to price RPA regarding the full-time-equivalents (FTEs) of machine time.” That approach is the crux of Tricentis’ RPA pricing model.

“Our pricing is simple, transparent, and extremely competitive,” explained Tricentis RPA General Manager Wayne Ariola. “There is no cost for RPA Studio, RPA Orchestrator, or for anybot that you create. Our customers pay only for bots’ runtime capacity.”

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RPA at Tricentis Accelerate: Automation @ The Speed of Change

This announcement coincides with the launch of Accelerate, Europe’s largest automation conference. From November 13-14, attendees in Vienna and on the livestream will be taking a deep dive into the conference theme of Automation @ The Speed of Change. Highlights include:

  • Forrester’s Craig Le Clair unveiling the latest research on what’s really required for resilient automation
  • “The Next Great Debate: How Automation Really Impacts Jobs” where a panel of industry leaders take a brutally honest look at how automation is impacting the workforce
  • 15+ RPA sessions, including thought leadership talks, customer success stories, and interactive workshops for RPA practitioners
  • Real-world enterprise automation strategies from organizations such as Allianz, Versicherungskammer Bayern, SPAR, ANZ, Experian, Worldpay, InterContinental Hotels Group, SAP, Amazon Web Services, Acronotics, Tasktop, and SnapLogic

About Tricentis RPA

Brittle automation is the #1 reason why RPA initiatives fail to scale. Script-based bots created by service partners seem simple, but—once deployed—they break with minor UI changes. While process owners wait for specialized resources to revive broken bots, the process is at a standstill.

Tricentis RPA is different. With a proven track record solving the toughest automation challenges across Global 2000 companies, Tricentis knows how to build resilient automation for all the technologies modern enterprises are working with.

Using Tricentis’ flagship no-code model-based automation, users scan applications to create reusable automation building blocks that are combined to create bots. No scripting is required. Model-based automation is based on a deep understanding of the underlying technology (not superficial screen scraping), so Tricentis bots know how to adapt to everyday variations. And, when business requirements evolve, anyone can update bots in a matter of minutes—without waiting for specialists.