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TriMed, Inc. Announces Release of the ASET™ Foot Plating Systems

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TriMed, Inc. an orthopaedic medical device developer and manufacturer focused on extremities, announced it would begin marketing its new ASET™ Foot Plating System.

The ASET Foot Plating System, designed to treat common forefoot and mid-foot indications, offers unique implants to treat MTP fusions, Lapidus fusions, and TMT fusions. In addition, the system’s variety of patented Hook Plates provide additional points of fixation to bones of limited real estate without relying on thread purchase.

ASET’s instrumentation allows surgeons to control compression at the fracture, fusion, or osteotomy site with use of the patented Expander/Compression tool, dubbed by surgeons as the ‘Magic Screwdriver’. This ability to apply surgeon-controlled compression (SCC) allows the surgeon to feel and apply desired compression at the fusion site.

The entire array of ASET System plates are designed to accept all three sized screws (2.7, 3.5, and 4.0mm) to fit in any screw hole, reducing the need for additional inventory. All locking screws are designed to sit flush with the plate even when angled 15 degrees in either direction.

Greg Tsarukian, Senior Product Manager, emphasized that the ASET Foot Plating System is advantageous for challenging indications such as mid-foot fusions because of the unique implants, screws, and instruments. “The set’s instruments are user-friendly and intuitive, including the Magic Screwdriver tool. There is a variety of choices of locking and cortical screws that fit into all plates while using the one-size driver. All of the plates are low profile, and their screw holes offer the ability of a variable angle of up to 15°. ASET offers plenty of options in case of in-surgery revisions,” he added.

About TriMed, Inc.:

TriMed, Inc, a leader in the advancement of orthopaedic fixation systems, largely due to its contribution in optimizing the treatment of periarticular fractures through ORIF, in addition to many other state-of-the-art technologies to treat indications in the upper and lower extremities. TriMed, headquartered in Santa Clarita, CA, holds numerous orthopaedic device patents.