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Trinity Life Sciences Introduces the First and Only End-to-End Market Access Solution for Biopharma

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Trinity Life Sciences, a leader in global life sciences solutions, announces the availability of the first and only end-to-end market access consulting solution for biopharmaceutical companies. The new offering includes expertise on market access, pricing and contracting along with the best-in-class organizational approaches needed to successfully commercialize biopharmaceutical products.

“As public pressure for pricing transparency for therapies that extend and save lives increases, the need for an integrated, seamless solution that demonstrates the differentiated value of a biopharmaceutical company’s product is paramount,” said David Fitzhenry, CEO of Trinity. “Trinity has been able to put together the first seamless solution that combines the high-value strategic consulting services we are known for with the fact-based, benchmarking proficiency of our division, TGaS Advisors.”

The new offering called SPARC (Strategy, Pricing, Access, Reimbursement, Contracting) is one of the unique Trinity solutions that has come as a result from the TGaS Advisors acquisition.

About Trinity Life Sciences

Trinity Life Sciences is a trusted strategic partner, providing evidence-based solutions for the life sciences. With over 20 years of experience, Trinity is committed to solving clients’ most challenging problems through exceptional levels of service, powerful tools, and data-driven insights. Trinity’s range of products and solutions includes industry-leading benchmarking solutions, powered by TGaS Advisors. To learn more about how Trinity is elevating life sciences and driving evidence to action, visit