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Trinity Life Sciences Shares “Must-Haves” for Successful Product Launches

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Trinity Life Sciences, a global life sciences commercialization solutions provider with extensive experience in launch planning, is sharing lessons learned in its latest report, “Achieving Launch Excellence in this New Decade: Four Must-Haves for an Agile Launch Strategy.”

Life sciences companies preparing to launch a product often find themselves working from patchwork plans with little cross-functional alignment. This report was developed to guide Chief Commercial Officers (CCOs) in focused launch planning across all areas and at all stages of development, including clinical. For emerging biotech companies in particular, a first launch may be “the one chance to get it right,” according to the report. Yet nearly half the CCO respondents to the survey fielded by Trinity indicated that key activities, such as developing the value proposition and value messages, were initiated too late in the launch planning process.

Trinity’s experience in launch support, together with a research study conducted with 30 CCOs on their launch experience, leads to four key recommendations: 1) connect launch imperatives and mid- to long-term strategy; get everyone aligned; 2) develop a global strategy early; 3) invest in critical activities that elucidate the value of the product and the company’s dedication to its success; and 4) develop a “ruthless” prioritization mentality.

Krista Perry, Principal at Trinity, noted, “Launch planning can be overwhelming and stressful at times. Refining your team’s focus on these four recommendations, together with creating a culture of communication and transparency, will foster an agile and effective launch environment.”

For a copy of the report, you are invited to visit: Achieving Launch Excellence in this New Decade.

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