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True Tickets Aids the Segerstrom Center in Reopening with Contactless Digital Ticketing

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Secure contactless digital ticketing will play a key role as the Segerstrom Center for the Arts reopens with outdoor events. Today, True Tickets announced the launch of its secure contactless digital ticketing service with the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. Through the partnership, the Segerstrom Center is enhancing its ticket delivery for their patrons, both to gain more visibility into theatregoer experiences as well as to improve health and safety protocols as it holds its first in-person, outdoor events since the pandemic began.

The Segerstrom Center, located in Costa Mesa, California, is one of the nation’s most respected arts institutions, and is Orange County’s largest non-profit arts organization. As it planned to welcome the public back this month for outdoor movie events, the Segerstrom Center did not want to rely on print-at-home PDF tickets as it once had, since they require physical handling and provide limited visibility into who the actual event attendee is. By integrating True Tickets’ service, the Segerstrom Center can enhance the safety of its employees and patrons through secure contactless digital ticketing and better understand who its primary customers are. As a result, they will know who attended each event and can better ensure that each customer’s experience is positive.

“As we safely reopen, we see True Tickets and the service they provide as an essential element,” said Kay Burnham, vice president of guest services at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts. “But it’s not just about health and safety. We’ve been interested in how technology can help us bring in the right types of shows and other ways to deliver great experiences for our patrons. Better serving Segerstrom’s customers begins with understanding them, and that’s exactly what True Tickets allows us to do.”

Using APIs, built on Hyperledger Fabric and run on the IBM Blockchain, the True Tickets service quickly integrated with the Segerstrom Center’s existing ticketing platform (Tessitura) without having to rip and replace the venue’s existing infrastructure. The service doesn’t impact how patrons purchase tickets, but will help transition Segerstrom’s ticketing service to digital. It enables the Segerstrom Center to better understand who is using each ticket while also offering contactless digital ticketing.

“As Segerstrom planned its reopening, it was also reimagining the experience it offers the hundreds of thousands of patrons it hosts each year,” said Matt Zarracina, CEO of True Tickets. “True Tickets was able to quickly deploy secure contactless digital ticketing for Segerstrom, supporting its reopening plans and offering a new way to personalize and enhance its customers’ experiences.”

About True Tickets

True Tickets is a secure contactless digital ticketing service enabled by the IBM Blockchain. Our business-to-business solution easily integrates with existing ticketing platforms without replacing existing infrastructure. The True Tickets service empowers venues across arts, entertainment, and more to better govern how digital tickets are transacted, reclaiming control of their tickets from the secondary market so they can more effectively manage their patrons’ experience.

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