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Trust a Leader in Online School: Alabama Destinations Career Academy Now Enrolling for the 2021-2022 School Year

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Students are invited to explore different career paths at Alabama Destinations Career Academy (ALDCA), a statewide program of the Chickasaw City School District, which is now accepting enrollment applications for the 2021-2022 school year.

An online public-school program, ALDCA is available tuition-free to students in kindergarten through eleventh grade who reside anywhere in the state. At the career learning-focused school, students can pair a solid academic foundation with hands-on learning experiences in growing career fields like information technology, healthcare, and manufacturing. Whether their path leads them directly into the workplace, to the military, or to higher education, career learning education provides students with the skills they need to get there.

ALDCA’s enrollment season comes at a time when more than 70% of U.S. parents agree that online education should be an ongoing option after the pandemic subsides.

“Now, more than ever, families are looking for reliable, high-quality online programs that can provide educational continuity during this unprecedented time,” said ALDCA Head of School Kayleen Marble. “At ALDCA, we are here to help provide that peace of mind and help our students learn and thrive.”

In addition to career learning courses, ALDCA students have access to a robust curriculum and can attend live virtual classes taught by state-certified teachers. Students are offered a full course load in the core subjects of math, science, English language arts, history, and CTE electives. Teachers regularly communicate with students and their families via email, phone and during one-on-one meetings.

Many families and students choose ALDCA because it provides an alternative to traditional brick-and-mortar education. Athletes, advanced learners, and students seeking a bullying-free environment can balance a full academic course load along with extracurricular pursuits or medical needs.

Students and families are encouraged to attend an online information session hosted by the school. More information on ALDCA, how to enroll, and a schedule of upcoming events can be found at

About Alabama Destinations Career Academy

Alabama Destinations Career Academy is a full-time public-school program serving students across Alabama. As part of the Chickasaw City School District, ALDCA is tuition-free and gives families the choice to access the engaging curriculum and tools provided by Stride, Inc. (NYSE: LRN). For more information about ALDCA, visit