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Trustgrid to Host Webinar, “Connecting Fintech to Core Banking Data”

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Trustgrid, a pioneer and leader in connecting centralized applications to distributed data sets, announced its upcoming webinar, “Connecting Fintech to Core Banking Data,” on March 4, 2020 at 1 p.m. Central.

Cloud-based applications have become the standard for new fintech architectures. However, this presents some unique challenges for fintech applications serving banks and credit unions. The most critical problem is how these applications connect to the core banking data that they rely on.

During this webinar, Trustgrid’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Joe Gleinser, will discuss the ways that fintech application providers are overcoming this by reimagining the way they think about accessing and securing data. The webinar will address the problems, solutions and implementation of secure cloud to on-premise connectivity, all through a fintech and banking lens.

Additionally, Trustgrid will introduce the concept of a Data Mesh. Building a Data Mesh has emerged as one of the most effective ways to address the specific complexities of connecting to core data. This includes the deployment and management of persistent real-time connectivity and the need to meet sensitive banking data’s security and compliance requirements.

Through its proprietary platform that combines software-defined networking, centralized management features and automation tools, Trustgrid has enabled the fintech industry to simplify connectivity in a way that eliminates the need for highly specialized experts to build and maintain this new data fabric.

Finally, attendees will learn about the steps for building a Data Mesh and hear about real-world examples from high profile fintech customers, Q2 and Apiture.

To register for the webinar, visit here.

About Trustgrid

Trustgrid enables cloud applications to access, analyze and integrate data from siloed, on-premise data sources. The company’s Data Mesh Platform uniquely addresses the needs of application providers by combining cloud-to-edge networking with simplified deployment, management and automation features. For more information, please visit