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Trustgrid to Secure Access to On-Premises Enterprise Data for

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Trustgrid, a pioneer and leader in connecting centralized applications to distributed data sets, today announced that, the cloud-native data catalog, will use Trustgrid to provide data mesh connectivity between its cloud platform and customer data sources.’s SaaS-based catalog makes it easy for everyone—not just the “data people”—to get clear, accurate, fast answers to any business question.

“Producing insights from enterprise data is a key component of’s solution. Trustgrid was able to enhance the security around our customer’s data while removing the complexity of connecting to these critical resources,” said Bryon Jacob, CTO and co-founder of relies on access to customer on-premises data sources which may include sensitive information. These connections need to be secure and tightly integrate into the solution with the ability for application developers to easily add and modify connections. Additionally, they have to maintain a persistent, highly available connection in order to access and analyze business data in real-time.

Each of these requirements was solved with Trustgrid’s Data Mesh Platform.

By combining software-defined networking with management and automation tools, Trustgrid connects’s multi-tenant cloud application to on-premise data sources behind customer firewalls. This will allow to deploy new connections quickly, with minimal customer IT involvement.

Once established, these private connections are secured and maintained by Trustgrid. This gives the ability to focus on the delivery of its solution without the distraction of IT infrastructure challenges.

Maintenance and support will also be greatly simplified as connections are automatically patched and updated, with alerts proactively triggered if the status of a connection changes.

Working together, and Trustgrid have created a hybrid solution that solves both technical and logistical challenges around application-to-customer connectivity while improving the overall customer experience.

About Trustgrid

Trustgrid enables cloud applications to access, analyze and integrate data from siloed, on-premise data sources. The company’s Data Mesh Platform uniquely addresses the needs of application providers by combining cloud-to-edge networking with simplified deployment, management and automation features. For more information, please visit