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TTN Introduces “Intra-sourcing” with White Paper

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Tyler Harden, Executive Vice President of TTN Fleet Solutions, announced today the company’s release of a white paper titled, Six Avoidable Soft Costs in the Fleet Maintenance Industry. Harden explained that TTN’s proprietary breakdown management software has gathered useful data about virtually every breakdown event the company has managed over the past decade.

“We’ve examined years of data to determine which soft costs we think are most avoidable, and how to avoid them,” he said. “The white paper describes these costs and offers suggestions for how fleet maintenance professionals can contribute to enhanced results for their businesses.”

Avoidable soft costs described throughout the white paper include losses or expenses associated with driver turnover, missed shipments, warranty mismanagement, insurance, inventory management, and invoicing.

“Our software can help with each of these,” Harden added, “but our white paper also offers tips on what fleet maintenance professionals can do on their own to minimize or completely avoid these costs.”

The white paper is free and can be downloaded at the company’s website, here:

Visitors to the website can also schedule a one-on-one conversation with Harden about the white paper, if desired.

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