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Tufin Delivers Enhanced Visibility & Topology Modeling for Cisco ACI Migration

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Tufin® (NYSE: TUFN), a company pioneering a policy-centric approach to security and IT operations, today announced the release of Tufin Orchestration Suite R19-2, which will help customers accelerate the migration process to Cisco ACI. The new release also features enhancements for managing next-generation firewall policies with added capabilities around Palo Alto Networks, Check Point and Fortinet, as well as new automation capabilities that will help simplify security policy change processes.

With the new release, Tufin will help customers speed up the Cisco ACI migration process with enhanced visibility and accurate topology modeling. For the first time, customers will be able to view, track changes and search for ACI components including EPGs, contracts, bridge domains and more, enabling them to gain control of their ACI environments by tracking and correlating different ACI resources.

Enhanced topology modeling in the new release enables expedited troubleshooting of hybrid, complex networks through an accurate topology map. As a result, customers are able to easily understand ACI connectivity for both ingress and egress traffic. Customers will also receive alerts in real time on any out-of-band changes to network policy configuration in ACI.

“We’re dedicated to pursuing a product roadmap that is customer-focused, and the new features in Tufin Orchestration Suite R19-2 reflect that approach,” said Ofer Or, Vice President of Products at Tufin. “We’ve heard time and again about the complexity of Cisco ACI migration, so we’re designing the tools that security teams need to simplify the process with enhanced visibility and accurate topology. Our goal, as always, is to reduce time and complexity for the network security engineers in charge of securing the world’s largest networks.”

Advancing Market Leadership in Management of Next-Generation Firewall Policies

The new release includes several capabilities that further Tufin’s market leadership in managing next-generation firewall policies, including enhanced support for dynamic objects across Palo Alto Networks and Check Point environments. With release R19-2, customers now have the ability to view and manage both External Dynamic Lists (EDL) and Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) objects for Palo Alto Networks, as well as Check Point CloudGuard objects integrated with Microsoft Azure.

Tufin Orchestration Suite R19-2 also delivers full automation for Fortinet web filters, giving customers increased visibility and control of Fortinet policies, including next-generation configurations. This allows customers to extend the automation of next-generation Fortinet policies while improving audit preparations by easily identifying rules with web filtering profiles.

Enhanced Automation Capabilities

Administrators today often prefer to resolve an access request by creating a new policy rule, instead of optimizing existing policy rules, which can lead to undocumented rules and human error. Tufin Orchestration Suite R19-2 includes a new access request workflow option that allows administrators to implement access requests using new policy rules. As a result, Tufin customers are able to maintain clearer, more readable firewall policies and simplify policy cleanup by ensuring each access request is implemented in its own set of standalone rules.

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