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Tula Technology Hits Milestone of One Million Vehicles Produced with its DSF® Technology

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Tula Technology, Inc., a tech leader in improving propulsion efficiency and reducing emissions in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, announced that the one millionth vehicle utilizing its award-winning Dynamic Skip Fire (DSF®) technology was produced in November 2020. DSF technology modulates power output by dynamically firing or skipping each cylinder in response to torque demand, creating optimal engine efficiency and reduced emissions and fuel consumption. Tula’s proprietary technology is being used in the top-selling Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado and Suburban, and the GMC Sierra and Yukon. In aggregate, DSF on these one million vehicles prevents up to one million tons of CO2 from being emitted annually when compared to conventional V8 engines.

“We’re excited to reach this milestone, which further validates our ongoing efforts to improve efficiency and reduce emissions in a cost-effective manner,” said R. Scott Bailey, CEO of Tula. “The increasing adoption of DSF and Tula’s controls technologies reflects the innovative culture at Tula, and our commitment to developing efficiency solutions across all propulsion types.”

Tula partners with OEMs to provide a transformational bridge to a future of clean, efficient automotive propulsion. Following the success of its control philosophy in DSF, Tula’s engineers have developed diesel DSF (dDSF), which has been proven to reduce NOx and CO2 emissions in diesel-powered vehicles, and Dynamic Motor Drive (DMD), which maintains electric motor operation near peak efficiency, allowing for extended range, reduced battery requirements, and motor cost reductions for electric vehicles.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Tula on the development and implementation of this groundbreaking technology that delivers greater efficiency and reduced emissions in our full-size SUVs and full-size pickups,” said Matthew Tsien, Chief Technology Officer of General Motors and President of GM Ventures. “The joint cooperation of Tula and GM engineers has resulted in fuel-saving solutions for our customers and advances our global sustainability goals.” GM Ventures was an early investor in Tula and a development partner for Tula’s DSF technology, known as Dynamic Fuel Management (DFM) in GM applications.

Tula’s first DSF innovation reached proof of concept internally in 2011 and with GM in 2014. The company has global scale, engaging with OEMs in the U.S., Europe, and Asia to launch the production of numerous models in both the passenger and commercial markets in the coming years.

About Tula Technology, Inc.

Silicon Valley-based Tula Technology provides innovative award-winning software controls to optimize propulsion efficiency and emissions across the mobility spectrum, including gasoline-powered, diesel, alternative fuel, hybrid, and electric vehicles. Tula’s culture of innovation has resulted in breakthrough technology and a robust global patent portfolio of 140+ patents and another 120+ patents pending. Tula Technology is a privately held company backed by Sequoia Capital, Sigma Partners, Khosla Ventures, GM Ventures, BorgWarner, and Franklin Templeton. More information is available at