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Turbonomic Unveils the Next Generation Platform for the Modern Application Era

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Turbonomic, the leader in Application Resource Management (ARM), today announced its next generation platform architected to manage millions of infrastructure resources in a single cloud-native software system: Turbonomic 8. Customers now can assure application performance in the largest multicloud environments and enable faster innovation using new platforms, including: microservices, containers, virtualization, public cloud, and bare metal architectures. With Turbonomic 8, central IT can deliver a reliable user experience to its Line of Business (LOB) customers, bridging the full application resource stack from logical to physical.

The latest Turbonomic 8 platform enhancements enable customers to:

Understand and Control Application Performance at Scale:

  • Application Performance Extensibility (APEX): Turbonomic’s extensible data ingestion framework integrates with existing APM and other monitoring systems, tightly coupling the full resource stack with application demand, improving application, service, and business outcome awareness
  • APEX delivers meaningful insights into the impact of infrastructure resources on application performance, with actionable intelligence in real-time
  • Enhanced out-of-the-box dashboards that enable users to quickly visualize the relationship between application performance, response time, and automation of their infrastructure

Support Flexible Deployment:

  • Turbonomic on Kubernetes – Deploy natively on any Kubernetes infrastructure on-premises or in the cloud, including OpenShift, Azure AKS, Amazon Web Services EKS, Google GKE, Pivotal PKS, or any upstream Kubernetes
  • Cloud – Enjoy the flexibility of the AWS and Azure marketplaces to optimize your cloud performance and cloud costs
  • SaaS – Easily deploy Turbonomic with our SaaS offering, available for cloud customers
  • On-premises – Deploy as a virtual appliance on every major industry hypervisor and manage your entire hybrid and multicloud environment from a single control plane

Run at Cloud Scale:

  • Our customers are adopting cloud, microservices, and container technology to increase their scale and elasticity: To fully achieve these benefits, Turbonomic’s AI-powered engine enables customers to manage the tradeoffs between performance, compliance, and cost in real time and over time – without human intervention so businesses can operate at cloud speed and unlock elasticity
  • Turbonomic 8 is proven to assure performance in production environments for half a million entities and counting

In today’s digital landscape, customers not only are scaling their environments at unprecedented rates, but they are also deploying applications on a variety of complex technologies. Scale and flexibility have become a business necessity, but they also create a challenge for customers – a challenge that can only be solved by software. In order to manage the boundless tradeoffs between application performance, compliance, and cost, customers require AI-powered solutions to provide deep visibility and deliver fully automatable insights.

“IT organizations are faced with increased challenges driven by the growing adoption of microservices and container-based technologies as well as the need for increased speed in application delivery and deployment,” concluded IDC analysts Tim Grieser and Stephen Elliot, “and requirements for IT operations management software are being driven by the need to manage applications and infrastructure in dynamic environments supporting digital and customer-facing applications.” (Worldwide IT Operations Management Software Market Shares, 2019: Strong Growth Ahead of COVID-19 Disruption, Doc #US46284420)

The Turbonomic 8 platform has been deployed globally in over 125 customers for twelve months, including in three of the top four U.S. money center banks, managing over $6.3 trillion in assets.

In one of these bank environments, Turbonomic is actively managing over a half million entities:

  • Turbonomic has generated over 2 million automatable actions
  • Helping them avoid performance risks to assure application SLOs for thousands of applications
  • Producing millions of compliance and cost efficiency actions, saving 170,000 FTE hours equivalent to $17,000,000 in Operational Expenses
  • Read our blog to learn how leaders in other industries have scaled their environments with Turbonomic 8

“A single platform that manages the full application stack is critical,” said Dave Stevens, Senior Systems Engineer at Acosta. “Turbonomic is the gold standard – it scales without complexity and continuously delivers the performance we need for our hybrid cloud environment.”

“The ability for an organization to scale and assure application performance in real-time is more important than ever. Rearchitecting Turbonomic’s platform for unparalleled scale has enabled our customers to expedite their digital-first strategies, while still providing a seamless end-user experience,” said Charles Crouchman, Chief Technology Officer. “I would like to thank our customers for their continued support as we enhance Turbonomic’s platform to meet their growing needs, as well as our engineering team for delivering these powerful, customer-centric advancements.”

Product Availability

Turbonomic 8 is planned for General Availability in October 2020.

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Turbonomic created Application Resource Management (ARM) to assure customers’ application performance by eliminating resource congestion across hybrid and multicloud environments. Today, applications are the business and ARM actively manages the full application stack of logical and physical resources to continually deliver the best end user experience despite changes in application demand. Together with its strategic partners, including Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, and AWS, Turbonomic serves more than 2,600 customers – including thirty-three percent of the Fortune 500. Leveraging AIOps, we believe every application should always get the resources it needs, and users should never have to wait for an application to respond. To learn more, visit