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Tutelar Offers Free Help for Manufacturers

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To assist companies with their COVID-19 requirements to monitor and approve each employee’s health clearance for work, Tutelar Technologies Inc. is deploying a free online “SAFE to Work Certification” cloud application that manufacturers may use at no cost. Manufacturing companies may register at The application provides rapid data entry for company “screeners” to certify employees who are eligible/ineligible to work based on the company’s screening protocol and a readily accessible list of employee status.

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Ujigami SAFE helps companies manage COVID-19 requirements. (Photo: Business Wire)

Ujigami SAFE helps companies manage COVID-19 requirements. (Photo: Business Wire)

“Utilizing the same controls and platform that make our Ujigami PDMS system the best mistake-proofing and quality system in the industry, the ‘SAFE to Work Certification’ application provides a real-time list of employees who are eligible/ineligible to work,” explains Edward Dickson, Tutelar president. “For employees who are deemed ineligible, the system can also apply additional company criteria; for example not eligible for re-evaluation or access for 14 days.”

Most governments are requiring employers to treat COVID-19 under the Employee Health & Safety regulations. This puts specific liabilities on the employer to follow public health guidelines and to document the actions taken to provide a safe work environment. The Ujigami SAFE system helps fulfill these requirements.

High Level Overview:

Ujigami SAFE is an on-line electronic screening tool that assists companies with:

  • quickly and easily screening employees for COVID-19 symptoms, making decisions to allow employees to enter the workplace or advise the employee to return home/seek medical advice,
  • providing a readily accessible list of employees who are eligible and/or ineligible to work,
  • accessing Ujigami SAFE historical records of employee status for traceability and compliance,
  • complying with government regulations and public health authorities’ requirements and guidelines.

About Tutelar Technologies Inc.

With more than 35 years experience, Tutelar Technologies Inc. is a leading supplier of plant-floor manufacturing software. Tutelar’s next generation software product, Ujigami Product Direct Manufacturing System (PDMS), includes Artificial Intelligence, built-in Industry 4.0 capabilities and integrated IIoT to drive Zero Defect manufacturing. No other plant floor software has the speed, capabilities, and ease-of-use of Ujigami. Customers using Tutelar’s Ujigami software products achieve the highest levels of traceability, quality, and production performance – World Class Manufacturing.

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