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Twisted Ceptors, LLC Introduces a Revolutionary Image and Reporting Cloud-based Sharing Network That Plugs Into All Existing Radiology Provider Environments

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Twisted Ceptors, LLC with 35+ years’ experience in Healthcare Technology, launches MIMIC, (My Image In the Cloud). MIMIC – is a secure, vendor-neutral, cloud-based repository network that allows patients, healthcare providers, and diagnostic imaging centers to have real-time access to diagnostic images and reports.

Registered MIMIC Healthcare providers and imaging centers can transfer diagnostic images and reports securely into MIMIC for sharing with other registered MIMIC users for the care and treatment of patients. There are no upfront fees, no patient fees, and no physician fees to use the system.

MIMIC can be plugged into any imaging center environment for secure and easy upload of images and reports. Once the study and report are sent up to MIMIC, they are stored there for life and accessible any time by all healthcare providers with authorization to access them.

“We have created a patient-centric repository, for all imaging providers to archive patient studies and reports for a single one-time storage fee. Once safely stored onto our platform, sharing, portability, and access are inherent with the MIMIC network. The reception to our new platform has been overwhelming and exciting,” says Mike Muenchenbach, Chief of Operations, for Twisted Ceptors, LLC. Adding, “Our portals are extended to all of the imaging centers physician networks and patients.”

About Twisted Ceptors

Our team brings a 35 plus year successful track record of architecting, developing, and implementing highly scalable transaction processing software and technology for enterprise level companies across all industries. Our experience includes developing software licensed to entities that currently process 70% of Medicare Part A/B claims and 100% of national Durable Medical Equipment (DME) claims as well as enterprise integration tools running in several fortune 100 companies.