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Tyler Technologies Launches New World ShieldForce Mobile Application for Android Platform

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Tyler Technologies Inc. (NYSE: TYL) announced today that its New World ShieldForce™ mobile application is now available for first responders, command staff, and patrol officers through the Android™ platform.

New World ShieldForce makes real-time and mission-critical data for dispatchers, command staff, and first responders in public safety agencies available instantly, ultimately improving situational awareness and overall safety. New World ShieldForce features a familiar user interface and native design and provides a vital connection between patrol officers, dispatchers, and command staff by extending computer-aided dispatch (CAD) functionality onto a smartphone, tablet, or watch.

Samsung Galaxy smartphone users can use the New World ShieldForce app inside the vehicle on a larger screen with Samsung DeX. Samsung DeX is a software that enables the contents of the smartphone to be displayed on an external monitor and can be controlled with a ruggedized keyboard and trackpad. DeX-enabled smartphones or tablets can also replace in-station computers, enabling significant cost savings for the station. It also means that a single device can now support an officer in vehicle, in field, and in station. ShieldForce is also available on the Samsung Galaxy Watch, extending CAD and GPS data to wearables.

New World ShieldForce also provides

  • Instant access to all active calls on a map and in a list and instant emergency notifications
  • Real-time positioning of units and officers
  • Quick access to arrest data, crash reports, and crime trends

With ShieldForce, officers can focus on specific critical details while providing crucial information into the call for service to aid other responders and dispatchers. Responders and dispatchers can benefit from having the ability to visually track the location of officers, detectives, and other personnel who don’t traditionally have laptops or mobile data terminals.

“New World ShieldForce puts mission-critical information at the fingertips of officers and first responders so they can quickly and effectively manage an emergency situation,” said Bryan Proctor, president of Tyler’s Public Safety Division. “With this application, Tyler can help public safety agencies increase situational awareness, have quicker access to emergency information, and better serve their residents. We’re excited to see the adoption of ShieldForce grow within the public safety market by making it more broadly available through the Android platform.”

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