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“”, a Document Sharing Tool With Collaborative Editing and Voice Calling, Launches Its Standard Plan! Markdown Editing for Google Drive Has Just Got Better — Urchin&Company

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Urchin&Company, Inc. (Head Office: Chiba-ken, Japan) today announced that it has released the Standard Plan which allows users to use collaboration functions for the Google Drive document sharing tool “”.

The newly added functions below can be used for free during the Beta version.

  • Real-time collaborative editing
  • Voice calling

With these functions, it allows multiple people to simultaneously edit Markdown files while on the call.

## About is a service that allows you to edit and share Markdown files stored in your Google Drive. It’s very simple to use, as all you need to do is authenticate your Google account and create a workspace.

Once you’ve created a workspace, you can create folders and files with a single click and share the URL with other members to use it as a document sharing tool.

It also includes a real-time preview of Markdown so you can also use it as a note-taking tool or a blog writing tool.

## Features of this update

### Real-time collaborative editing

A single file can be opened by multiple users at the same time, each of which can be edited, and the edited contents are reflected on each user’s screen in real time. This eliminates the duplication of work within the team and ensures work to go smoothly.

In addition, the input cursor is color-coded for each user, and thus it is easily possible to tell at a glance who is currently writing.

### Voice calling

For each file, multiple people can make voice calls. Also, a list of users who are participating in the voice call will be displayed.

The new real-time collaborative editing and voice calling added in the update makes it possible to do the following:

  • Brainstorm and share ideas
  • Simultaneously edit minutes during online meetings
  • Check spellings during foreign language lessons
  • Online programming lessons

## Development background for this update

Up until now, while allowed you to edit and share Markdown files on Google Drive, real-time collaborative editing was not possible. Since we have received many requests from users who are collaborating with the team for a real-time collaborative editing function, we have decided to add it in this update.

Furthermore, in the world we currently live in, online meetings are more frequent as working remotely has become more popular. To help these users, we have added voice calling so that the entire process from doing meetings remotely to writing minutes can be completely just with

## Future outlook

We will continue to enhance as a more useful tool for various scenes.

Depending on the users’ needs, we are considering adding the following functionalities:

  • Integration with GitHub
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Integration with Dropbox
  • Transcription function
  • Translation function
  • Proof-reading function

## About Urchin&Company, Inc.

Our mission is to “create services that resonates with people and make as many people as possible happy”. With this mission, we will continue to provide services that is useful to everyone.

Company name: Urchin&Company, Inc.

CEO: Yuta Sawai

Location: Shop and Office building 6F, Kashiwanoha-campus 148-2, Chiba-ken Kashiwa-shi Wakashiba 178-4

Company website:

## URL about service website: brand website: demo movie: