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Ubiquitous Energy Receives Additional $3 Million Grant Award from the California Energy Commission for its UE Power™ Windows

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Ubiquitous Energy, the leader in transparent solar technology, is pleased to announce that it has been awarded another $3 million grant from the California Energy Commission. This new award is in addition to the previously received grant award from 2018 and is coming through the Realizing Accelerated Manufacturing and Production for Clean Energy Technologies (RAMP) program. This award will accelerate the manufacturing and production of the company’s UE Power™ windows, which are transparent renewable energy generating windows.

“We are thrilled that the California Energy Commission selected Ubiquitous Energy to award with another grant. This award is a recognition of the incredible progress our team has made in advancing our UE Power™ transparent solar technology towards commercialization and production,” said Ubiquitous Energy CEO Susan Stone.

Applied directly to glass using standard glass coating equipment, UE Power™ is a highly transparent, color neutral coating. This novel and patent protected technology enables windows that look exactly like traditional windows all while creating clean, renewable energy to further enable smart homes, zero net energy buildings and beyond.

About Ubiquitous Energy

Ubiquitous Energy is the world leader in transparent photovoltaics. Its award-winning UE Power™ technology is the world’s only truly transparent solar product. UE Power™ harvests solar energy and serves as an invisible, onboard source of electricity for a variety of end use products. The thin coating can be applied to the surface of window glass to provide electricity generation and energy efficiency while remaining visibly indistinguishable from the fully transparent standard windows on the market today. Originally spun out of MIT, Ubiquitous Energy is now producing its highly transparent, efficient solar cells and windows in its production facility in Silicon Valley.

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