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UJET Announces Salesforce Sales Cloud Integration

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UJET Inc., a leading provider of customer support communications and solutions, today announced their integration into the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Beyond our deep Service Cloud integration, this new Salesforce connectivity provides a specialized integration and leverages UJET’s modern communications platform for the express purpose of supporting sales focused communication sessions. UJET’s Sales Cloud integration empowers sales teams to automate processes, convert more leads, manage their existing customers and associated opportunities, and ultimately close more deals and opportunities through a more strategic and efficient sales flow.

Together, UJET’s integrations into both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud enable companies to support their entire customer journey on our modern contact center platform, providing them with dedicated tool sets to build longtime, loyal customers across all channels, endpoints, and interactions.

Some of the core Sales Cloud features and functionalities that Salesforce users can expect are:

  • Support Standard and Customized Sales and Service Flows – For both outbound and inbound sessions, UJET can look up end user records in separate Sales Cloud objects, e.g. Leads and Contacts, to identify and surface relevant information in real-time. UJET thereby supports the typical sales process where, Leads are converted into Contacts or Accounts. The integration provides flexible configuration, including: look-up object definition, field matching and automatic opportunity tab pop / creation.
  • Data Consolidation – Session data such as media files, transcripts, and more is packaged and attached to either an opportunity, lead, or customer profile, allowing sales reps to get all session metadata and associated assets as an organized summary of every interaction with a lead or customer.
  • Flexible Outbound Calling Capabilities

    • Optimized account record display for agents: option to specify which one or two account object fields should be displayed to agents to enable them to clearly distinguish between multiple account record matches.
    • Flexible outbound session management: ability to configure agent controls over outbound sessions, including: the ability to assign the session to a specific open opportunity, a new one, or none at all.
  • Seamless support and interaction between Sales and Service Clouds – UJET natively provides deep and solid integrations into both of these Salesforce clouds, providing consistent communication operations, omnichannel agent tools, and consistent end user interactions.

“As the emphasis and value of creating a great customer experience continues to grow, so does the need for open, seamless communication and collaboration between sales and customer support,” said Joerg Habermeier, Vice President of Product, UJET. “By providing specialized integrations into both Sales and Service Clouds, UJET customers can now fully support their entire customer lifecycle through our comprehensive contact center platform. Leveraging UJET’s modern, omnichannel communications feature set, our customers are able to optimize their end-to-end customer communications with cohesive end user experiences and consistent, effective, and efficient operational configurations along with fully featured adapters for sales reps and support agents alike.”

Along with its Sales Cloud integration, UJET recently launched on the Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customer support agents, administrators, supervisors, and business leaders to make customer service an integral part of their business and to create better experiences across all endpoints and channels.

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