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Uncat Is Now Available on the QuickBooks App Store

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Accounting professionals have struggled with their clients’ uncategorized expenses since the invention of the general ledger. Today, they can now get relief with Uncat, a new web-based application that integrates with QuickBooks Online and is available on the QuickBooks Apps store.

Uncat co-founders are hosting demonstrations of the integration at QuickBooks Connect, November 18-20. QuickBooks Connect is Intuit’s annual event designed to bring together thousands of small businesses, accountants, and bookkeepers to help them thrive and prosper.

Uncat was built by bookkeepers to help them and their clients work together to fix uncategorized expenses and save time.

“If you are looking to save 30 minutes or more each month per client, then Uncat is definitely for you,” said Alicia Gates, CPA at Two Roads. “Uncat removes all of the back and forth with a client about uncategorized expenses. Instead of sending a spreadsheet to my clients each month with a list of expenses I need help categorizing, Uncat automatically creates an interactive dashboard for my clients to add descriptions and receipts to expenses. I can then quickly categorize the expenses in Uncat, and everything syncs with QuickBooks Online.”

“Like most accountants, I find myself sending a spreadsheet full of questions about uncategorized expenses to my clients. Waiting for these responses typically creates a bottleneck every month. With Uncat, I’m able to get quick answers back from clients instead of waiting weeks after the end of the month,” said Kevin Fillers, founder of Fillers Consulting.

Every year, there are millions of business expenses that defy simple categorization and cause confusion. For example, the vendor may be known but the expense unknown. Or perhaps the vendor and purpose of the expense is clear, but a tax authority requires a receipt.

“We built Uncat to help bring clarity and efficiency to the time-consuming task of categorizing uncategorized expenses,” said Brandon Bruce, co-founder and CEO. “Accounting professionals work with their clients in Uncat to fix uncategorized expenses so that they can close the books on time, compare budgets and actuals, identify tax deductions and credits, file accurate and complete tax returns, and avoid and pass audits.”

Accounting professionals can sign up for Uncat on the QuickBooks Online App Store and add their first client for free.

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