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Undertone and System1 Announce a New Research Solution Supporting Brands from Three Perspectives

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Today Undertone, the leader in Intelligent High Impact and creator of memorable digital experiences for brands, in partnership with System1, a marketing and brand consultancy whose solutions are grounded in behavioral economics, have officially released a new and advanced research solution for brands.

When Undertone’s internal Research Consultancy uncovered a gap in advertising measurement studies, the company turned to its long-time partner, System1, to brainstorm solutions. “While we offer traditional brand lift studies as well as creative effectiveness studies (the latter already provided by System1) we saw an opportunity to support Undertone’s clients by combining them both in a complementary way” said Laura Salant, Chief Storyteller and Managing Director of the Consultancy. Anna Lakomy, General Manager Americas East at System1 elevated the concept further, bringing additional insights on the brand itself into the mix.

The result is a unique offering from Undertone, the System1 360, a single study measuring Brand Lift, Brand Health and Creative Effectiveness.

System1 predicts creative effectiveness in the short and long-term through their behavioral sciences-based methodology developed from the work of Daniel Kahneman and Paul Ekman. In order to understand the impact a campaign can have on brand health (beyond sales and market share growth), the new custom offer includes a Test vs. Control Cell, utilizing a methodology that is not cookie-dependent.

The Test Cell is exposed to the creative, while the Control is not. In addition to Awareness and Purchase Intent, System1’s proprietary FaceTrace® measurement is included on a brand level, along with an Implicit Characteristics Test, to ensure we also understand the potential impact the campaign could have for the brand emotionally and intuitively.

“Predicting the impact of creativity on short and long-term term sales is our bread and butter and I’m excited that we can now link the ad response directly to brand equity thanks to our Undertone partners,” said Anna Lakomy, General Manager of Americas East of System1.

“After just one month of offering the System1 360, it’s already a big hit with several of Undertone’s biggest clients. This is a great example of Undertone and System1’s commitment to innovating together, rather than relying on approaches that have barely changed over the past 10 years. The industry has moved on, and this is just one example of how Undertone is leading the way” said Dan Aks, President of Undertone.

For more information on the System1 360 from Undertone, please review our overview HERE or contact to find out more!

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Undertone creates memorable ad experiences by thoughtfully orchestrating solutions across video, advanced TV, rich media, and social to drive unmatched brand lift and audience engagement on virtually every screen, and every device. Their award-winning creative team uses the company’s 20 years of experience, and billions of impressions worth of data to intelligently craft campaigns that can drive full-funnel KPIs while making meaningful connections with the 200MM+ unique users they can reach every month. Undertone brings the art and science of advertising together to intelligently craft campaigns that uplift consumers, brands, and publishers alike. Visit to learn more.

About System1

System1 Group PLC is a marketing and brand consultancy, with proprietary market research and advertising solutions grounded in the principles of behavioral science. Since 1999, we have been translating breakthroughs in psychology, behavioral economics and the social sciences into online research and advertising techniques that better understand and predict human behavior. Visit to learn more.