Press release Unveils 60 Collaborative Communication Devices in 60 Minutes to Improve Work-From-Home and Distance Learning Success

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With 42% of the nation’s work force now remote, schools, companies, and medical providers are grappling with how to achieve optimal communication and productivity to support employees, students, and patients. is hosting their latest Device-a-thon™ webinar to showcase 60 of the most innovative and useful collaboration devices in 60 minutes, with a focus on Microsoft Teams devices, to help optimize remote work, virtual meeting, and distance learning experiences.

Chief Strategist, Ryan Herbst, Technology Architect, Joe Dalecki, and a group of technology evangelists will provide a quick and insightful rundown of the latest in collaboration technology; from personal devices to meeting space solutions designed to improve remote work, including headsets, webcams, Microsoft Teams Rooms, Microsoft Surface Hub, and upgrading video chat with comprehensive lighting, audio, and background.

The Device-a-thon™ webinar will stream November 11th from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. CST. During the event, there will be an opportunity for participants to engage in a Q&A with device specialists and win device prizes. Register HERE or call us at 800-641-6416.

“Devices play a critical role in making essential human connections and optimizing remote work, learning, and communication in the current environment,” says Ryan Herbst, Chief Strategist for “Our 2020 Device-a-thon is an opportunity to share a broad range of innovative devices and solutions for personal and shared spaces in a fun and time-efficient format.”

As the pandemic highlights unique disparities in workflow capabilities between work-from-home and office environments, assists companies and employees as they bring people, knowledge, and ideas together. The UC Remote Worker Hub details currently available collaboration solutions, including webcams, headsets, lighting, laptops, and more.

“It’s more important than ever to embrace collaboration devices to optimize these new working and learning experiences,” says Herbst. “We’re excited to provide professionals with the collaboration and communication tools they need while also giving them an opportunity to learn more about optimizing work conditions as we continue to navigate this new virtual normal and the next normal soon to come.”, a Microsoft Gold Communications Partner, is a division of Tele-Communication, Inc. based in Houston, TX. They are a global value-added reseller and integrator, focused on personal communication and collaboration devices, meeting room design and integration, and sophisticated fulfillment and logistics solutions. Their training and adoption and change management services guarantee success. Their consultative approach helps customers maximize collaboration through the right mix of products, services, strategic guidance, and global device and service delivery.