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UnityLink App Empowering Businesses & Individuals Through Virus Test Results Seeks Crowdfunding

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An entrepreneur is launching a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and awareness for UnityLink, an app seeking to transform the way we manage the current pandemic through mobile virus status sharing. UnityLink empowers individuals, businesses and organizations to be part of the solution through secure monitoring and sharing of virus testing and vaccination results via mobile devices to help communities and the economy recover in a safe and efficient way. The app is ideal for individuals as well as hospitals, restaurants and any other businesses looking to lower the risk of virus spreading.

UnityLink was conceived to facilitate the socialization and interaction of people during the pandemic in the safest and most responsible way by sharing immunity records about COVID-19 and any other viruses. All viruses and vaccinations can be uploaded to the simple, easy-to-use platform, secured using blockchain technology to ensure privacy.

“The most important benefit of the app for me was that it helps to empower people in our communities,” said Alberto Gonzalez, founder of UnityLink. “I see UnityLink as the accelerator we have all been waiting for to get back to the life we know and love.”

How it Works:

  • Sign up by creating a username and password
  • Choose the virus you were tested for (Covid-19, Influenza, HIV, etc.)
  • Receive or upload the vaccination or test results from your doctor
  • A QR code is automatically generated with your results and stored in the Blockchain
  • Share/show your immunity record with any other person
  • Scan/receive the immunity records of others

For those who are feeling overwhelmed and helpless during this time, UnityLink is a great way to start taking action to solve this crisis! You can visit or donate to the crowdfunding campaign here and view the test platform interface via this link.

About UnityLink

UnityLink was founded in 2020 and is an independent grassroots project that seeks to assist in the current health crisis, and any that are to follow, through test or vaccination result sharing and protection. The UnityLink app stores user’s virus testing/vaccination results in a safe, secure interface using blockchain technology. Users can share their immunity status with others and carry their results wherever they go. Let’s come together again, safely.