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Unleash the Potential of Field Teams With Sitetracker’s Latest Efficiency Driving Release

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Sitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume projects and assets for critical infrastructure owners and operators such as Ericsson, Chargepoint, Dominion Energy, and Vodafone, is proud to announce their biggest release of the year.

For too long, businesses involved in critical infrastructure deployment and maintenance have relied on disparate point solutions or antiquated industry incumbents to manage their field operations and crews. The result of this is increased re-work, delayed closeouts, upset customers, and shrinking margins.

Sitetracker’s latest release resolves these problems by linking project tasks, assets, and inventory with the field to ensure operational excellence is met every day.

“We’ve seen for too long that juggling multiple tools to manage communication between the field and the office creates waste like unnecessary site visits and excessive re-work, ultimately costing businesses money,” said Tim May, Sitetracker, CTO. “This next evolution of Sitetracker is helping our customers realize the power of a connected single source of truth platform which is changing their entire business.”

Now, teams can schedule and dispatch field crews, track inventory, manage short-term work, and capture accurate photos, video, and data directly from the field during every step of a project, from planning and deployment, to on-going maintenance – all in a single platform.

“The biggest benefit of Sitetracker’s new release is being able to report on all the activities that go on in the field in Sitetracker, alongside all the relevant project and asset data,” said Kim Martin, VP at Tower Engineering Professionals. “Now, we can track important metrics such as cycle times and crew activities in a single interconnected system, helping us save money by preventing waste.”

Living at the heart of business operations and integrated with critical systems like CRM’s and ERP’s, Sitetracker is relied upon by over 24,000 customer users who make over 3.27 million project tasks every week while managing over $24B in capital assets.

“Sitetracker has always given us a competitive advantage and made it possible for us to scale our operations into new markets,” said Mike Zigrossi, VP of Operations at Intersection. “The real-time updates make it easy for us to report on exactly what is going on in the field, optimize workflows on the fly, and forecast the future.”

“It is amazing to hear from our customers how the latest iteration of the Sitetracker Platform is making such a positive impact on their businesses,” said Sitetracker CEO Giuseppe Incitti. “Sitetracker customers have just gained another competitive advantage as Sitetracker is the only platform for critical infrastructure companies who want to achieve operational excellence.”

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