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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the addition of new services to its web analytics solutions portfolio.

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In today’s technologically-inclined world most businesses have an online presence and drive most sales and conversions through their websites. As such they have access to troves of customer data sets that can help them draw conclusive insights if analyzed accurately. This is one of the reasons why forward-looking organizations are now turning to web analytics to bolster customer experiences and gain a competitive advantage.

One of the factors behind successful marketing is understanding your customers. Knowing what they want and how to provide it can be the difference between staying ahead of the game and falling behind. Qunatzig’s web analytics solutions can be extremely powerful when it comes to increasing this understanding. Request a FREE proposal to learn more.

Quantzig’s Web Analytics Capabilities

Website Performance



E-Commerce Webcrawling



Brand Monitoring and

Competitive Analysis

Quantzig’s portfolio of web analytics solutions is designed to help you track and gauge the ROI of your website by tracking and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs).


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Leveraging web crawling analysis and data-extraction methods can help you analyze online data to enhance business operations and drive positive outcomes.


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Brand monitoring and competitive analytics solutions offer detailed insights into your competition, to help you improve your business strategy.


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According to Quantzig’s web analytics experts, “To discover the true potential of data businesses must leverage web analytics to analyze data sets and convert them into contextual insights and predictions that drive stronger business decisions.”

How can web analytics help your business?

  1. Leveraging web analytics solutions can help you make changes to your web presence to improve customer experience and increase leads, sales, and conversions.
  2. Quantzig’s holistic web analytics solutions portfolio is designed to help businesses analyze web data and devise new strategies to acquire new visitors, conduct visit path analysis and behavioral analysis.
  3. Our solutions help businesses from different verticals to analyze the effectiveness of company communications and customer interactions on different platforms.
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Analyzing the data you already own can help you quickly identify potential areas to adjust strategies and capitalize on new opportunities. Request for more information to gain comprehensive insights.

About Quantzig

Quantzig is a global analytics and advisory firm with offices in the US, UK, Canada, China, and India. For more than 15 years, we have assisted our clients across the globe with end-to-end data modeling capabilities to leverage analytics for prudent decision making. Today, our firm consists of 120+ clients, including 45 Fortune 500 companies. For more information on our engagement policies and pricing plans, visit: