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Unsplash, the Largest Stock Image Provider, Launches Stock Photo Ads with Harley-Davidson, Square, Others

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Unsplash, the world’s largest source for stock images with over one billion image downloads, has today announced the launch of its digital advertising function, which, for the first time, allows brands to dominate visuals across the internet, reaching an audience of 300 million people monthly.

Unsplash works with companies to publish branded images, align the photos with relevant search terms, and naturally syndicate the images to Unsplash’s large user-base of creators and publishers. Images will be spread across the Unsplash website and over 1,500 of the internet’s most popular platforms, appearing in news articles, blog posts, presentations and social media authentically influencing brand adoption at scale.

“The number one issue we saw with today’s digital marketing methods is that every ad feels like a punishment. People hate them and they get in the way of what consumers came to learn, see, or do,” commented Mikael, Co-founder/CEO of Unsplash. “People want to connect with brands in a way that doesn’t feel fake or forced, and we knew that with Unsplash dominating the visuals being used across the internet, we could offer brands a positive and authentic opportunity to engage with people at scale, in a way that doesn’t feel like any of the traditional ad products.”

Unsplash has actively begun working with several household brands to implement digital marketing programs through the platform, including Google, Harley Davidson, Square, The Honest Company, and Boxed Water. Research conducted by Kantar Millward Brown has already shown that brands on Unsplash reach mass scale, while outperforming TV and digital benchmarks by up to five times on brand lift measures.

“Unsplash was an entirely new channel that helped us reach our audience effectively and efficiently. It successfully helped us increase awareness of our brand and allowed business owners to effortlessly see how we could be the payments solution for their business,” commented Leann Livingston, Brand Marketing Manager at Square.

Unsplash for Brands is currently invite-only. For more information, please visit


Originally founded in 2013 as a Tumblr blog, Unsplash has grown to become the largest stock image provider in the world. With access to one million free, high-quality images, Unsplash provides an easily searchable online platform for a community of millions of users. The company works with some of the world’s leading brands to curate, amplify and syndicate their content to the platform’s broad audiences. As of 2019, Unsplash has over one billion image downloads across the globe, allowing brands in Unsplash’s unrivaled ecosystem to syndicate targeted images that are seen 12 billion times, and by 300 million people, each month. For more information, visit