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Unveiled at CES2020, CHASING M2 Targets Light-Duty Business Market

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At CES2020, the International Consumer Electronics Show underway in Las
Vegas, USA, Shenzhen-based underwater drone company CHASING presented
its latest model, the CHASING M2.

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(Photo: Business Wire)

(Photo: Business Wire)

CHASING’s brand-new M2 is the world’s first professional observation
underwater ROV with 8 vectored thrusters, and is designed for light-duty
professional and enterprise use.

“The launch of CHASING M2 marks the entry of CHASING into the
professional market,” said co-founder and CMO Jacky Yang.

The M2 comes equipped with a digitally stabilized camera capable of 4K
video and 12-megapixel stills, and LED lights rated at 4000 lumen.
Together, they can capture any underwater details, making the M2 the
perfect tool for scientific research, fish farming, and inspections of
anything from boat hulls to reservoir dams. It can dive up to depths of
100 meters.

A world-first omnidirectional layout of 8 vectored thrusters allows the
user to steer the M2 in all six directions, as well as rotate and pitch
the ROV. An improved depth-lock mode allows for incredibly stable

Additional GoPro cameras can be mounted on the M2’s front and rear, as
well as extra lights. It can also support an array of sensors, such as
laser-based measuring equipment to determine the size of underwater
objects, measure cracks, or monitor the growth of fish. Whatever the
task, the M2’s impressive payload capacity guarantees a stable dive.

The M2 is the first professional observation ROV to feature a swappable
battery and removable MicroSD Memory Card — meaning no more wasted time
charging the ROV or downloading its data. Despite the design challenges
posed by such features, the M2 is fully waterproof up to depths of 100
meters thanks to proprietary sealing technologies by CHASING.

Aluminum alloy is used for the M2’s compact body, keeping its weight
below just 5 kilograms. Impressively light and small, the ROV can be
carried by a single person and even taken on airplanes, allowing it to
be used anywhere.

With its ease of use and compact dimensions, CHASING co-founder and CMO
Jacky Yang believes the M2 is a cost-effective tool that will unlock a
previously unserved market: “Current radio-operated submersibles for the
professional market are often too big, heavy, and expensive for many
governments, companies, and organizations. As a result, fish farming,
hull inspection, reservoir dam inspection, rescue operations, and other
applications are currently ignored by the market. Just 10% of the global
market is being served, with a segment worth some 60 to 80 billion yuan
currently sitting undeveloped.”

CHASING has also developed a new professional-grade remote controller
and an E-Reel electronic winder that make the M2 convenient to operate,
quick to deploy, and easy to retrieve. The battery-powered E-Reel can
automatically roll up or unroll its 200-meter-long cable in just 2
minutes, up to 12 times per charge. It comes equipped with an
anti-explosion cable, battery protection technologies, and a power
display, and can also be used with other CHASING underwater drones,
including the consumer-grade GLADIUS MINI.


CHASING is a leading underwater drone company with sales to more than 40
countries and regions. With industry-leading underwater drone research
and development and integrated manufacturing technologies, CHASING is
redefining underwater exploration. The company is headquartered in
Shenzhen, China with established offices or subsidiaries in Beijing,
Chengdu, Kunming and Seattle, USA. Its previous generation product
GLADIUS MINI won the prestigious Red Dot Design Product 2019 award.