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Uply Media, Inc Bullish On Blockchain DWeb 3.0 Innovations

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Uply Media, Inc a company creating innovative Blockchain Websites, today announced a bullish outlook for Blockchain DWeb 3.0 innovations. Revealing the transformation of the Internet into a decentralized web will grow new developing virtual economies.

FOOTBUL.CRYPTO NFTs V3 developed by Uply Media, Inc is the world’s first DWeb Virtual League on Ethereum’s Blockchain extension. The digital assets are available for purchase on OpenSea and ranked as a verified collection on OpenSea’s category for Sports to chart top non-fungible tokens by volume, average, price, and other top statistics for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), updated hourly.

SportsBets.Crypto developed by Uply Media, Inc is a decentralized application on Ethereum’s Blockchain planned as a trust platform solution for sports betting. Through the permanent record of a verifiable and unchangeable transaction ledger.

Another innovation by Uply Media, Inc and the world’s first DWeb is also MortgageCalculators.Crypto on Ethereum’s Blockchain. This DApp, decentralized application functions as a mortgage calculator and sits on top of a smart contract. Allowing for many future scalability functionality features.

“The ability of Blockchain Domains on smart contracts to accept cryptocurrencies is the biggest game-changer and most disruptive adaptation for the Internet,” states Kyle Ransom, Uply Media, Inc’s CEO, and Co-founder.

Further, Uply Media, Inc developed CryptoCap.Crypto the world’s first decentralized exchange (DEX) smart aggregator, created from a Blockchain Domain on Ethereum’s Blockchain. It has the ability to source Defi services by producing the best swap prices for allowing them to be pulled directly from exchange contracts and APIs instead of a single DEX (decentralized exchange).

CryptoCap.Crypto also offers an all-in-one solution to connect an open-source and non-custodial money market protocol to earn interest on deposits and borrow assets. The solution will be available soon in the update to CryptoCap.Crypto.

About Uply Media, Inc

Uply Media, Inc is located in Alpharetta, Georgia operating from Metro Atlanta’s top technology hub for innovations. The company is a leading Blockchain Technology Fintech Media Agency. Skilled also in online global publishing and software development.