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Upwork Launches New Video and Podcast Series to Help Businesses and C-suite Leaders Navigate the New World of Work

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Upwork (NASDAQ: UPWK), the leading online talent platform, today announced the launch of two new content series designed to deliver actionable insights and thought leadership programming that helps businesses navigate the new world of work. Upwork’s new content hub includes “Voices of Authority,” a digital broadcast series, and “Back to Better,” a podcast that will explore the most pressing issues facing C-suite executives, human resource leaders, and technology influencers today. Upwork’s VP of Customer Insights, New York Times bestselling author Tim Sanders, will host both shows, in which he interviews prominent thought leaders on innovation, workplace trends, and human capital management.

At a time when businesses have rapidly shifted to a new distributed workforce paradigm, these new programs – produced by freelancers sourced from the Upwork platform – will offer key insights and perspectives to help C-suite leaders better approach digital transformation, improve management decision-making, and increase organizational agility.

Upwork’s “Voices of Authority” digital broadcast series will feature interviews with leading experts and executives about the current state of work, human capital management, workplace trends, and more. Season one guests include New York Times bestselling author Dan Pink, Harvard Business School professor Karim Lahkhani, and Workplaceless Founder and CEO Tammy Bjelland, among others.

Upwork’s “Back to Better” podcast series focuses specifically on how companies are adapting to the COVID-19 crisis, using best practices and key learnings to transform their businesses now and well into the future. Sanders and co-host Gene Gates, Upwork freelancer and award-winning radio personality, will interview HR leaders, subject matter experts, and tech executives about collective lessons learned from the crisis, as well as how they are leveraging remote work tools, embracing workplace change, and adapting company culture.

“This year has forced leaders to rethink how they operate their businesses, and many have taken these learnings to come out better and stronger than before,” says Tim Sanders, VP of Customer Insights at Upwork. “Through our two new series, business leaders will learn straight from thought leaders about best practices on how they can stay adaptable and resilient for the road ahead.”

“Voices of Authority” will be released every Thursday while “Back to Better” will be released every Monday. The first episodes of both series are currently available at the links below.

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