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US Bioservices & AdhereTech Collaborate to Improve Patient Adherence to Therapy

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US Bioservices, a specialty pharmacy that is a part of
AmerisourceBergen, announced findings from an initial program with
AdhereTech. Based on the program’s successful results described below,
US Bioservices plans to extend the AdhereTech offering to larger patient
populations by including the Smart Pill Bottle in additional
manufacturer programs.

A provider of pharma-sponsored support programs for specialty
medications, AdhereTech develops patented Smart Pill Bottles for
manufacturers and pharmacies across the U.S. AdhereTech collaborated
with US Bioservices to analyze 18 months of fill-level data for patients
using the Smart Pill Bottles for their medications. The results showed
that patients new to therapy who began treatment with the Smart Pill
Bottle stayed on therapy for 1.5 additional months and had 1.3
additional fills dispensed. Consistently, patients continuing on a
therapy had 1.2 additional fills dispensed compared to their peers not
in the program.

“US Bioservices is committed to providing our patients with the highest
level of support so that they can achieve the best results from their
therapies. We know that adherence remains one of the most critical
challenges facing patients, and we are excited to expand access to a
data-backed solution that is directly correlated to more positive
outcomes,” said Angela Ward, President of US Bioservices. “This new
offering is aligned with our commitment to pushing the frontier of
support solutions to maximize benefits for patients, manufacturers and
providers alike.”

The AdhereTech Smart Pill Bottle is simple and seamless for patients to
use, requiring no additional costs or set up. The system analyzes data
and sends personalized messages to patients about missed doses and
upcoming refill reminders, via text message or phone call. AdhereTech’s
capabilities also include notifying a patient’s pharmacy in real-time if
the patient encounters a health or medication issue, enabling pharmacist
intervention sooner.

As an independent specialty pharmacy, US Bioservices is dedicated to
being a premier partner on programs that support patients with chronic
and complex conditions. By fostering long-standing, collaborative
relationships across the healthcare continuum, US Bioservices creates an
integrated care environment that benefits patients, prescribers and
caregivers. US Bioservices has been leveraging AdhereTech Smart Pill
Bottles since 2017.

Through the breadth of resources available at AmerisourceBergen, US
Bioservices develops solutions to ensure all patients on therapy receive
uncompromising support to navigate their treatment, clinically,
economically and socially.

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About AdhereTech

AdhereTech is a software and data company that develops highly-effective
patient support programs, which are customized using real-time data from
our patented smart devices and other feeds. Customers include many of
the largest pharma companies and specialty medications, as well as most
of the top specialty pharmacies in the US. AdhereTech’s programs result
in patients staying on the medication longer, with increased adherence
while they are on therapy. This drives additional fills of medication
per patient per year, as compared to the baseline metrics. AdhereTech’s
mission is to improve the patient experience by building software and
devices that seamlessly connect patients to care. Learn more at