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US Patent & Trademark Office Awards Impact Cryotherapy Key Patent for Unique Cooling Technology and Safety Features in Its Cryotherapy Chambers

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announced today the issuance to it by the US Patent &
Trademark Office of a broad patent that covers the fundamental features
of its innovative cryotherapy chambers. This patent covers Impact’s
industry leading cryo chambers and their unique internal processes.

Under the patent the company is afforded protection for its innovative
technology related to the unique delivery of nitrogen gas that allows
for rapid pre-cooling of the cryotherapy chamber. Additionally, the
patent claims cover several aspects of the cryo chamber’s unique safety
features. These features allow for safe and efficient operations during
a cryotherapy session.

“We entered the market four years ago by first developing a product that
set new standards in terms of its innovative design and safety. We
became the US market leader in large part because of the quality of our
engineering, which is now protected by this patent, which we believe
will be the first of many,” said Richard E. Otto, President and CEO,
Impact Cryotherapy. “Over 500 Impact Cryotherapy cryo chambers have been
sold in the US and internationally. The issuance of this patent will
help assure the protection of our proprietary design and technology,”
Mr. Otto said.

Impact Cryotherapy also has additional patents pending covering other
aspects of the company’s innovative and leading cryotherapy chambers and
related processes.

About Impact Cryotherapy

Impact Cryotherapy is the market leader industry in cryotherapy chamber
safety and innovation. Impact sets the standard for quality,
certification, service and support for cryotherapy equipment. For
further information on Impact Cryotherapy, please visit [].