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USAFacts Launches Major Campaign to Empower Americans to Use Data to Inform Their Decisions Ahead of 2020 Election

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USAFacts, the nonpartisan civic initiative designed to provide Americans with a data-driven portrait of the population, government’s finances, and government’s impact on society, today launched its “Change the Story” campaign. The effort, which will include a significant advertising campaign, calls for Americans to use data and fact-based information to inform their own personal debates and decisions in the lead up to this November’s general election.

The “Change the Story” campaign, which will be unveiled at and across all major television networks and digital platforms during the upcoming presidential and vice presidential debates, features 11 unique stories and vignettes from everyday Americans. The “Change the Story” campaign demonstrates how decisions grounded in real data, allows Americans to make informed choices about the best path forward.

“Americans, as shareholders in the country, deserve access to a trusted source for nonpartisan data. People can come to USAFacts to determine, by the numbers, if our government is providing the best outcomes for everyone,” said Steve Ballmer, Founder of USAFacts and former CEO of Microsoft. “As we head into the election, our nation’s citizens are looking to inform their vote based on the facts. With nonpartisan government data, citizens and politicians will be empowered to make informed decisions about our future.”

The USAFacts campaign will feature Americans from diverse backgrounds including Beverly Tambe, a frontline doctor who works tirelessly to save the lives of COVID-19 patients. Healthcare workers like Dr. Tambe are putting in countless hours to change the story of coronavirus in the US. Also featured is Mona Shishodia, who was one of the 761,901 naturalized Americans who gained citizenship in 2018. She’s overjoyed that her daughter will have more opportunities growing up than she did. And George Ellis, a father who reads to his young sons every night, determined to improve the reading proficiency of his children, and therefore, the overall reading proficiency rate across the nation. These Americans, and the others featured in the “Change the Story” campaign, convey that our collective actions and data-informed decisions can improve our outcomes both big and small. Everyday Americans can change their story—and by extension, the nation’s story—by grounding their choices in facts.

“This campaign features Americans whose stories are reflected by what we see in our country’s data. We hope this campaign inspires Americans to learn more about the facts that impact their lives and feel empowered to advocate for positive change in the country,” said USAFacts President Poppy MacDonald. “We need reliable, accessible, trusted data to be informed, so we can start productive conversations that can change our communities and our country.”

More information about the Americans starring in the “Change the Story” campaign and the historical data trends that are featured can be found here.


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