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Utah Encourages Residents to Use Online Services as they #EscapeTheIndoors and Celebrate Great Outdoors Month®

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Public and private organizations from across the country are coming together as members of the Great Outdoors Month® Council to help all Americans Escape the Indoors and celebrate the educational, economic, health and social benefits of active fun outdoors.

Governor Gary Herbert has identified outdoor recreation as indispensable to increasing economic opportunity in Utah, especially in the more rural areas of the state. To support the statewide and national celebration of the great outdoors, Utah’s Department of Technology Services and its technology partner, Utah Interactive, remind people to visit Utah.Gov to access convenient online services that make enjoying the outdoors even easier.

“Utah is fortunate to have five amazing national parks, as well as our 44 beautiful state parks,” said Eugene Swalberg, Public Affairs Coordinator. “This is the perfect time to celebrate Great Outdoors Month and enjoy these treasures. The State Parks Website makes preparing for these experiences quick and convenient.”

The Utah state parks website captures the beauty of Utah’s public lands and helps visitors find vital information about the parks. Residents can also access online services on the website, including: annual park pass sales, youth off-highway vehicle and personal watercraft education courses, campground reservations, event registration, interactive and off-highway vehicle maps.

While in the outdoors, the Hunting and Fishing iPhone and Android apps help visitors get the most from their adventures. The mobile apps give Utah’s outdoor enthusiasts a resource for wildlife events, licenses, permits and communicating with the Division of Wildlife Resources.

Utah Interactive is a Salt Lake City based subsidiary of NIC Inc. NIC is a proud corporate sponsor of Great Outdoors Month. The Company is the largest provider of outdoor recreation-related online services. In fact, 1 out of 6 hunting and fishing licenses sold in the United States is sold using an NIC service.

About Utah.Gov

Utah.Gov is the entry point to over 1,000 online services and benefits over 2.7 million residents in the state of Utah. Utah.Gov provides citizens and businesses with more convenient options for interacting with government. Through Utah.Gov, citizens can find public meetings, renew their vehicle registration, buy a hunting and fishing license, register a business, find a transparent state budget, and much more. In 2018 alone, Utah.Gov received 15 awards making it one of the nation’s most honored state websites. Utah.Gov is managed and operated through a public-private partnership between the state and Utah Interactive, the Salt Lake City-based official digital government partner for the state of Utah. Utah Interactive is part of firm NIC’s family of companies.

About NIC

NIC Inc. (Nasdaq: EGOV) launched the digital government industry in 1992, and continues to lead it, providing a secure payment engine and thousands of digital government solutions across a network of more than 6,000 federal, state, and local government agencies. In addition, NIC is a leading provider of outdoor recreation solutions, with 1 out of 6 hunting and fishing licenses in the United States sold using an NIC service. The Company launched the nation’s first personal assistant for government and comprehensive mobile platform, Gov2Go®, as well as the innovative, data-driven prescription drug monitoring platform, RxGov®. More information is available at