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Validity’s First Live Email Marketing Event, The Summit, Attracts Over 2,000 Digital Marketers

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Validity, the most trusted leader in email deliverability, today announced its upcoming event, The Summit. An online event for digital marketers, the 90-minute webcast will feature experts from Pinterest,, Verizon Media, AstraZeneca, and TCF Bank as they share best practices and strategies in email marketing. Participants of The Summit will gain actionable advice on adapting to change and leaning into innovation, as well as how to improve their email ecosystem and digital marketing as a whole.

The Summit is being held Wednesday, October 21, and starts at 12 p.m. ET/5 p.m. GMT.

“With the increase in email usage the last ten months, every day is Black Friday,” said Mark Briggs, chairman and CEO of Validity. “In order to keep up, businesses have moved all marketing efforts to focus exclusively on digital channels. This unprecedented increase in email volume has created new opportunities – which is great – but it’s also brought new challenges. We created The Summit to provide email marketers with an opportunity to learn from the experts and get the advice they need to drive campaign success in 2021, while also giving them a sneak peek at our email success platform, Everest.”

Validity’s Laura Christensen, director of professional services, and Guy Hanson, vice president of customer engagement, will be co-hosting the event. The Summit’s first session, “The Future of Deliverability,” will discuss effective strategies for email senders to reach the inbox with panelists Sjoerd Engelblik from and Craig Hood from AstraZeneca.

The second session, “Email Industry Innovation,” features Marcel Becker from Verizon Media, Seth Weisfeld from Pinterest, and Laura Livingood from TCF Bank, who will share perspectives on innovation in the email industry, areas with the most promising growth, and how email marketers can make the most of the holiday season and beyond.

The Summit’s keynote speaker is world-renowned high-altitude mountaineer Ed Viesturs, who has summited Mount Everest seven times and climbed all 14 peaks above 8.000 meters without supplemental oxygen. Ed will share his stories about using focus and determination to reach his goals.

The Summit will also feature previews of Validity’s email success platform, Everest. It’s free to attend, and registration is required:

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