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Vatica Health Expands Physician-Centric Solution to Improve Clinical and Financial Performance to PCPs in Midwest and Northwest

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In partnership with one of the nation’s largest health plans, Vatica Health is launching its physician-centric risk adjustment and clinical quality solution in a new state: Wisconsin. The payer partnership also allows Vatica to expand its existing presence within Illinois, Minnesota, and Montana.

Vatica’s unique diagnostic coding and risk adjustment solution, offering in-office clinical support and EMR-integrated technology, is now available to newly approved primary care physicians (PCPs) in cities across the Midwest and Northwest, including:

  • Wisconsin: Wausau, Green Bay, Marinette, Appleton, Sheboygan, Milwaukee, Madison
  • Illinois: Chicago, Rockford, Naperville
  • Minnesota: Minneapolis, Duluth, Alexandria, Rochester
  • Montana: Helena, Billings, Missoula, Great Falls, Kalispell, Butte

Primary care physicians often lack the technology, coding expertise, staff, time, and other resources to optimize their clinical and financial performance. Vatica offers PCPs the resources they need to leverage more accurate diagnostic coding to improve quality of care reporting and practice performance. The Vatica solution, built for physicians by physicians, pairs expert clinical teams and easy-to-use technology to fit seamlessly within a practice’s normal workflow. PCPs that participate in the Vatica program receive licensed clinical and administrative support staff that perform 90% of the risk adjustment and coding work, enabling PCPs and their staff to focus less on the administration and more on delivering high-quality patient care.

“Health plan sponsored quality of care and coding initiatives are a great way for providers to achieve superior clinical and financial performance, and we are thrilled to bring this unique program to thousands of new providers across Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Montana,” said Dr. Hassan Rifaat, CEO of Vatica Health. Dr. Rifaat noted that, “We’re grateful to our health plan sponsors for the opportunity to expand into new markets and add an additional 90,000 patients in the Midwest and Northwest.”

Vatica’s solution, sponsored by health plans, helps PCPs enhance diagnostic coding accuracy and documentation, improve quality of care reporting, boost revenue, and increase patient engagement and satisfaction. Providers interested in accessing their Vatica benefits can visit the following dedicated web resources to learn more and check their eligibility for participation: Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, and Montana.

About Vatica Health

Vatica Health is the leading PCP-centric risk adjustment and quality of care solution for health plans and health systems. By pairing expert clinical teams with cutting-edge, HITRUST-certified technology at the point of care, Vatica increases patient engagement and wellness, improves coding accuracy and completeness, identifies and closes gaps in care, and enhances communication and collaboration between providers and health plans. The company’s unique solution helps providers, health plans, and patients achieve better outcomes, together. Vatica Health is trusted by many of the leading health plans and thousands of providers nationwide. For more information, visit