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Vercel Announces $102M in Series C Funding to Scale Team Globally and Accelerate Innovation and Adoption of Leading Frontend Development Platform

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Vercel, a platform to develop, preview and ship websites, from single static pages to apps with billions of dynamic pages, and creator of Next.js, the leading React and JavaScript framework for frontend web development, today announced that it has secured $102M in Series C funding in a round led by Bedrock Capital with participation from existing investors Accel, CRV, Geodesic Capital, Greenoaks Capital and GV. New investors include 8VC, Flex Capital, GGV, Latacora, Salesforce Ventures and Tiger Global. The new funding, which brings the total raised to $163M, will be used to scale the Vercel team globally, accelerate research and development, drive platform innovation and accelerate adoption. Companies including Carhartt, Github, IBM, McDonald’s, Uber, Facebook and many others deploy their frontends with the Vercel platform.

Vercel and Next.js have gained strong momentum since the first Next.js Conf was held in October 2020. Next.js open-source contributors have grown to more than 1,600, driving downloads on NPM from 4.1M to 6.2M. Traffic to all sites and apps on the Vercel edge network has doubled, weekly deploys have quadrupled and the number of homepages among the 10,000 largest websites in the world using Next.js has grown by 50%.

“Vercel is leading a market transition through which we are seeing the majority of value-add in web and cloud application development being delivered at the front end, closest to the user, where true experiences are made and enjoyed,” said Geoff Lewis, founder and managing partner at Bedrock. “We are extremely enthusiastic to work closely with Guillermo and the peerless team he has assembled to drive this revolution forward and are very pleased to have been able to lead this round.”

“Guillermo continues to be at the forefront of modern web development and has assembled a team uniquely positioned to execute on his vision,” said Reid Christian, general partner, CRV. “Developers are experiencing heightened demands from both end consumers of the products they build and the competitive industries they operate in. Only Vercel combines deep collaboration with companies like Google and Facebook with the development and delivery technologies needed to help developers improve performance. We are excited about the future of Vercel and are glad to continue to support the company.”

Vercel combines the best developer experience with an obsessive focus on end-user performance. The Vercel platform enables frontend teams to do their best work and is the best place to deploy any frontend app. Developers can start by deploying with zero configuration to the Vercel global edge network and scale dynamically to millions of pages. Developers love Next.js, the open source React framework Vercel built together with Google and Facebook. Next.js powers the world’s largest web sites including TikTok, Hulu, Ticketmaster, Staples and Marvel for use cases including e-commerce, travel, news and marketing.

“I joined Vercel because I saw a place and a team that were working both intensely and enthusiastically together to solve some of the biggest scaling and performance problems that web developers face in creating the next big thing,” said Matheus Fernandes, head of infra and IT at Vercel. “The combination of expansive vision and flawless execution is inspiring on a daily basis and I am glad to be a part of it. I would recommend Vercel to anyone who is truly committed to creating change for the better for the future of the web.”

“The strong traction Vercel has generated in the market today now comes from a combination of our growing and incredibly innovative community, the strength of our team and its internal innovation and the strong support of our investors, who serve not only as financiers but also critical strategic advisors,” said Guillermo Rauch, CEO of Vercel. “We are very pleased to have been able to assemble this unmatched roster of contributors for this round. We are looking forward to applying these resources to hiring the best talent in the market and to further developing the platform to help developers create the next big thing, fast.”

About Vercel

Vercel is the leading advocate and enabler of frontend developer experience, having created the best platform to deploy any frontend website or application, and Next.js, the most popular React framework. Vercel provides unsurpassed vertical integration, from developer experience to edge delivery, with the industry’s most advanced development tools paired with parallel compute in a serverless cloud environment providing a fully-managed, highly-automated experience for both developers and users. Companies including Carhartt, Github, Hulu, IBM, McDonald’s, Uber and Facebook deploy their frontends with the Vercel platform. Vercel (Twitter @vercel) is headquartered in San Francisco.

About Bedrock Capital

Bedrock is a technology investment firm launched in 2018 with approximately $1 Billion in assets under management. The firm or its founders have been amongst the earliest investors in category defining companies including Lyft, Nubank, Tilray, Workrise, Canva, Epirus, Cameo, Flock Safety, Rippling and Upstart.