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VerdePharmHealth and Altopa Enter into Exclusive Partnership Agreement for Patient-Centric CBD Formulations

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VerdePharmHealth today announced the signing of an exclusive national group purchasing agreement with Altopa, creator of the Oblend™, a patented device and technology platform that is able to create personalized, consistent products that leverage the new science around custom blended terpenes that are essential to maximizing patient outcomes.

With the Oblend platform, VerdePharm and Altopa are aimed at creating unprecedented access to plant medicine by providing access to proven formulations that include terpenes that target specific medical conditions and gather feedback on patient outcomes. “There are a host of botanical extracts, including cannabinoids and terpenes, that work in concert to modulate how cannabis addresses targeted symptoms, a phenomenon known as ‘the entourage effect.’ This safe, precise and consistent alternative to many common over-the-counter and prescription medications has a valuable role to play in addressing individual patient symptoms and conditions,” said Dr. Ralph Boccia, Medical Chair for VerdePharmHealth. “Altopa’s product line is expert-formulated to target specific health benefits and provides a unique capability to tailor to an individual’s specific needs.”

“VerdePharmHealth and Altopa’s missions are strongly aligned. Both companies are working to provide accessibility, enhance outcomes, collect clinical evidence, standardize protocols, and move cannabis science forward. The Oblend platform is the first device brought to market that gives access to a range of personalized pharma-grade cannabinoid based wellness products and the ability to create personalized solutions. We are delighted that VerdePharmHealth’s members now have access to the Oblend platform,” says Nicole Wicker, Altopa’s CEO. “This partnership will provide preferred access and pricing to VerdePharm’s established and growing channel of progressive healthcare providers.”

“We’re excited to add Oblend’s unique-to-industry capability to VerdePharmHealth’s full care-cycle offering including provider reference, decision-support & patient engagement tools”, said Jesse Hollingsworth, founder & Chief Executive Officer, VerdePharmHealth. “Altopa is a strong match for VerdePharmHealth with its unique capabilities around the formulation and production of medical cannabis solutions for the healthcare market. This is fully aligned with our approach to partnering with innovative and highly compliant manufacturers on behalf of our network and their patients.” The companies plan future collaborations focused on observational real-world evidence studies around plant based alternatives to opioids and other pharmaceuticals and their often devastating side effects.

About VerdePharmHealth

VerdePharmHealth, the first organization of its kind in the U.S., provides comprehensive multi-specialty group purchasing, clinical solutions, and healthcare technology designed to drive high-level commitment and affordability for members through accessibility of quality cannabis products from prequalified manufacturers and leveraging of clinical services and robust technology to improve decisions for interventions at the point of care and capture real-world evidence. Utilizing retrospective data and clinical studies for decision-support and standardization of appropriate-use in the care delivery process is a central pillar towards achieving outcomes. For more information, visit or follow VerdePharmHealth on LinkedIn.

About Altopa

Altopa, a Seattle based technology company, has a stated mission to empower wellness through a proprietary blend of nature, science and technology. The Oblend Platform solves critical industry challenges and barriers to the mainstream consumer adoption of medicinal cannabis related to a lack of predictability, consistency and most importantly, consumer confidence. Oblend has been designed to support the provider, patient relationship and to deliver an unprecedented level of confidence – confidence that with our platform, consumers can access the right formulations for their body’s unique needs, get the product consistency they expect and experience predictable benefits and effects. For more information, visit

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