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VeriFyle and the National Center for Professional Education (NCPE) Fellowship Partner to Provide Secure File Sharing and Messaging to Tax Professionals

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VeriFyle, a leader in secure messaging and file sharing, today announced
a partnership with the National Center for Professional Education (NCPE)
Fellowship. The ncpeFellowship is an organization of tax professionals
dedicated to being the best educated and most technically proficient
professionals in the tax industry. VeriFyle has been chosen to provide
secure document sharing and messaging technology for all Fellowship

“Tax professionals are extremely concerned about the day when their
taxpayers’ information will eventually be hacked,” said Beanna Whitlock,
Executive Director of the ncpeFellowship. “The question isn’t if, but
when. VeriFyle is the answer. VeriFyle is the tax professional’s best
method of security when it comes to protecting taxpayer data. Today is a
great day for tax professionals of the ncpeFellowship!”

“Taxpayer information that is all too commonly sent through email is a
very valuable target for today’s hackers,” said Jack Smith, CEO of
VeriFyle. “Our partnership with the ncpeFellowship will allow tax
professionals nationwide to protect this valuable data with world-class
encryption. We’re extremely proud to be chosen by the Fellowship to keep
their members secure whenever they share information back and forth with
their taxpayer clients.”

Unlike many other cloud-storage and cloud-sharing services, which use a
single master key for encrypting and decrypting their users’ data,
VeriFyle’s Cellucrypt technology uses password-derived keys on top of a
public-key system to individually encrypt data objects, adding several
additional layers of protection for their users. With the additional
option to disable password reset, VeriFyle becomes the most secure
cloud-sharing platform available, while remaining extremely simple to

About VeriFyle

VeriFyle delivers ultra-secure messaging and document sharing, all from
a simple, single-screen interface. VeriFyle was built from the ground up
to be the most secure cloud-sharing solution, and to deliver improved
productivity and control of information to its users. VeriFyle’s
industry-leading, patented encryption technology gives users the highest
level of security, protecting them from bulk-access vulnerability
through the unique encryption of each individual document and