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Veriheal Data Shows Medical Cannabis Programs Performing Well In Legal Markets

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In markets that are open to all adults over the age of 21, why would anyone feel compelled to subject themselves to the steps it takes to get a medical cannabis card? Consider the requirements of the process. The journey of finding a cannabis-friendly physician alone is daunting, including the paperwork, and the wait. Not to mention the funds involved and repeating the whole thing on an annual basis.

The truth is, the medical cannabis market is still thriving in recreational states. Take it from Veriheal, the leading source for connecting eligible patients with doctors that will certify them for medical marijuana cards. Even in recently legalized states, such as Illinois, Veriheal continues to experience an increase in patient demand. The company has successfully signed up over 75,000 patients nationwide for their respective programs and expects even more in the forthcoming year now that they offer personalized cannabis consultations in all 50 states.

In December of 2019, Colorado signed up 5,000 medical patients, bringing the total number of active patients to 82,000. Illinois registered 36,000 patients in 2019 alone and is slated for further growth for 2020. Washington state continues to see a steady increase in patients every year and California still takes on thousands per year for their medical program of 100,000.

But why is the medical market still continuing to bring in more patients? For one, states levy multiple layers of taxes on cannabis products in the recreational sector. Medical patients are exempt from a majority of these taxes and pay a mere fraction in comparison. Other advantages that boost attraction to medical programs include exclusive access to medical dispensaries, a medically backed stamp of approval in the event of a legal situation, and access for minors in legitimate need.

Though the recreational use of cannabis is becoming legalized everywhere, the medical cannabis market will continue to flourish. While some will use cannabis purely recreationally, there is an increasingly growing market of consumers who desire its medicinal wonders. Now that cannabis education is becoming widely available, more are becoming acutely aware of the potential therapy that individual cannabinoids and terpenes offer for countless illnesses. Because of this, there will always be interest, especially for those motivated toward natural alternatives in a pharmaceutically driven world.