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Verimatrix and Ocilion Partner to Enable Secure, Future-Proof IPTV Delivery Across Austria

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Verimatrix, the leader in redefining the standard for connected devices
and services with an innovative combination of security and data
analytics, and IPTV technology company Ocilion today announced two large
Austrian operators as their latest customers. kabelplus and Salzburg AG
have each selected on-premise IPTV solutions from Ocilion that are
secured by Verimatrix, enabling more flexible and future-proof video
delivery models.

Both operators opted independently for on-premise deployments hosted in
their distinctive infrastructures, optimally suiting larger volumes of
subscribers using Ocilion’s new homogenous P400 family of 4K set-top
boxes (STBs), which combines innovation, design, functionality and
efficiency. The advanced and adaptable technology offers the flexibility
needed to support various delivery models, whether hybrid, FTTH or OTT,
while the integrated Verimatrix client supports digital rights
management (DRM) for IP, IP/DVB-C and OTT.

“kabelplus and Salzburg AG came to us with unique challenges and needs
that will grow and evolve as consumer demands and security requirements
continue to rapidly shift,” said Hans Kühberger, CEO of Ocilion. “We are
very pleased to fulfil their demands for increasingly sophisticated
modern and high-end IPTV services with our future-proof on-premise
solution, including our new P400 family and resolve complex security
requirements in partnership with Verimatrix.”

The decision for kabelplus, the largest cable network provider in Lower
Austria and Burgenland, to launch its own IPTV product resulted from the
need to extend its portfolio for its HFC network with extra products and
services, and it came during the middle of a FTTH expansion and rollout.
In need of a competitive edge to reinforce its position as a top service
provider, kabelplus saw the Ocilion-Verimatrix partnership as the
perfect fit to elevate its product portfolio with new premium features
and bundling options.

When live-only DVB-C delivery was no longer enough to support Salzburg
AG’s consumer demands, the Salzburg energy, transport and
telecommunications provider turned to Ocilion and Verimatrix to set the
foundation for it to be able to offer premium service enhancements and
maximize upselling opportunities with long-term adaptability.

With these deployments, the Austrian operators are also laying the
foundation for secure UHD ecosystems with OcilionsP400 line of STBs
having officially received the Verimatrix 4.0 Ultra Security
certification. This certification emphasizes their readiness to fully
meet UHD security requirements, ensuring that they meet UHD content
guidelines set by MovieLabs’ Specifications for Next Generation Video
and Enhanced Content Protection.

“Achieving Ultra Security certification means that Ocilion’s advanced
STBs are trusted to deliver premium content to kabelplus and Salzburg AG
consumers at the highest quality possible and in accordance with the
strongest security requirements specified by premium rights holders,”
commented Verimatrix COO Steve Oetegenn. “Ultimately, the combined
strengths of Ocilion and Verimatrix presents a formidable barrier
against piracy in a form that can be updated readily to ensure these
operators are able to keep pace with the evolving threat landscape.”

About Ocilion

Ocilion is a software company, providing individual end-to-end IPTV
platforms to network providers in German-speaking Europe (Germany,
Austria, Switzerland & Liechtenstein) since 2004. The white labelled
IPTV platform is suited for all network topologies (HFC, FTTH, VDSL,
OTT) and contains content, services, premium TV features (Replay, PVR,
VoD), a full family of pre-integrated 4K set-top boxes and apps
(smartphone, tablet, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV). Operators can choose
between on-premise systems (hosted in their distinctive infrastructure)
and a rental option hosted by Ocilion (optimised for medium-sized
carriers). Since 2009, the IPTV specialist started IPTV building
solutions for hotels, hospitals, ships, corporate buildings and other
projects (iptv500 product). For more information, visit

About Inside Secure/Verimatrix

Inside Secure/Verimatrix (Euronext Paris – INSD) is redefining the
standard for connected devices and services with an innovative
combination of security and data analytics that maximizes revenues,
protects reputations and enables growth. The company serves a range of
industries and markets, including entertainment, mobile, computer
networks and internet of things (IoT). The company offers easy-to-use
software solutions, cloud services and silicon IP that provides
unparalleled security and business intelligence. With more than 24 years
of experience and a solid reputation, Inside Secure/Verimatrix protects
customers’ most valuable content, transactions, applications, and
communications. With 18 office locations in 12 countries supporting more
than 1,200 customers, the company is uniquely positioned to secure and
enable the connected future. For more information, visit