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Verint Introduces Visual Tools to Unlock the Power of the Hybrid Workforce

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Systems Inc.
(Nasdaq: VRNT), The Customer Engagement Company,
today announced the release of the latest enhancements to Verint’s Desktop
and Process Analytics
(DPA) solution, part of its Workforce
offering, building on Verint’s established leadership in
automation solutions. In the hybrid workforce, automated processes work
in conjunction with humans, resulting in a change to the fundamental
nature of work. This evolution gives employees what they want most from
their work: simplification of processes, reduction of tedious, manual
tasks and the ability to meet performance goals, while helping the
organization reduce operating costs and simultaneously elevating the
customer experience.

Today Verint introduced advanced software capabilities that uniquely
allow a business to map out and design a process visually, create action
cards for each of the steps, and link the triggers needed to capture key
events from the employee desktop quickly and easily.

This type of elegant, integrated automation storyboarding of processes
is a first of its kind offering. All process mapping exercises were
historically done on paper or in other solutions. Now organizations can
design, map, organize and create desktop triggers for real-time process
mapping all within one solution. By simplifying the process of designing
desktop automation, organizations can now more easily find processes
that are ripe for automation and move forward in their journey to
creating a hybrid workforce.

In a recent report, Predictions 2019: Employee Experience,
Forrester notes that in the coming year, more and more companies will
seek to develop a hybrid workforce. “Companies will take on the
challenges of human/robot collaboration. The introduction of automation,
AI, robots, and other intelligent machines is changing how employees
conduct their day-to-day work.”*

By investing in these innovative automation solutions, organizations can
see increased employee engagement and productivity through more
efficient human and automated processes, as well as more effective
compliance, throughout the contact center and back office operations.

“In today’s complex work environment, employees struggle with navigating
a host of applications and the need to find the right answers and follow
the right processes,” said Verint’s John Goodson, SVP and general
manager of products. “Our new Workforce Engagement enhancements use
automation at key points to improve the experience for customer and
employee alike. These tools dramatically reduce the effort required for
employees to meet customer and company goals and provide today’s
employees with the technology capabilities they want.”

These automation innovations are available now as part of Verint’s Workforce
suite, both in the cloud and on-premises. To learn more
about Verint’s DPA solution, read the latest blog here.

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*Source: Forrester: Predictions 2019: Employee Experience,
November 5, 2018

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