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Viken Detection Introduces Broadwing-LAD™, a Large-Area Detector Accessory for Its Market-Leading HBI-120 Handheld Backscatter X-Ray Imager

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Viken Detection, pioneer of handheld x-ray imaging and analytical
devices, today announced the introduction of its Broadwing-LADTM
accessory for the HBI-120 handheld x-ray imager. The detachable,
lightweight, large-area detector enhances vehicle inspection
capabilities for drug interdiction and enables new applications of the
HBI-120, including building searches, tactical raids and

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Viken Detection’s Broadwing-LAD™, a large-area detector accessory, enhances the capabilities of its  ...

Viken Detection’s Broadwing-LAD™, a large-area detector accessory, enhances the capabilities of its HBI-120 handheld backscatter x-ray imager. (Photo: Business Wire)

The HBI-120 is currently in use by law enforcement agencies around the
world and with Customs and Border Protection (CBP) at the U.S. border.
The HBI-120 is responsible for significant seizures of cash, drugs and
weapons concealed in vehicles. The addition of the Broadwing-LAD
accessory provides not only a deeper scan but also a larger view of
items being inspected, including vehicles, and even allows authorities
to “sweep” rooms to ensure safe entry for officers.

No other technology on the market can provide this breadth of

“Our vision is to take Viken technology anywhere there is a public
safety problem that technology can solve,” said Viken Detection CEO, Jim
Ryan. “The addition of our Broadwing-LAD accessory enables superior
threat detection across multiple public safety scenarios. As technology
plays an ever more significant role in law enforcement, Viken is at the
leading edge, developing new devices that are futureproof, multi-layered
and open-sourced to allow them to work together with other solutions and
keep the public safe.”

Viken Detection is the market leader in handheld x-ray imaging and in
handheld lead detection, helping officials in each of these capacities
keep the public safe. Viken manufactured the first ever handheld device
capable of imaging vehicles for drug interdiction.

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About Viken Detection

Viken Detection (formerly known as Heuresis Inc.) provides enabling
security imaging and material identification solutions that help law
enforcement and safety inspection professionals keep the public safe
from drug trafficking, terrorism and other hazardous threats. The
company’s innovative handheld products, the HBI-120 (handled imager) and
Pb200i (lead-paint analyzer), are the recognized leaders in their
markets. Viken Detection is headquartered just west of Boston,
Massachusetts. For more information, visit